Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome to our blog

I wanted to take a minute and welcome everyone to our blog. The title, Our Journey to Home, was not an easy one to come up with. When I finally settled on it, all I could think was "What could be better?". To me "HOME" means somewhere (anywhere) that you feel loved, secure, safe, wanted, comfortable, and it is somewhere that you want to be. And really who doesn't want that? Don't we all spend large amounts of time trying to find our "way home" at some points in our lives? I think that can and is an ongoing journey for most, if you are honest with our self. For me, moving into our new house, has REALLY helped me in my journey. I love it here. As a bonus the trees that were taking so long to get leaves, do in fact now have flowers, just like Oma and John thought that they would, and they are lovely. We have had a deer in the yard twice now that we know of, and the bunnies are here all of the time. It is our own little Eden, or Avalon.

Don't worry, there is a point to all of this. Stay tuned, and you will soon know many more of my, our, secrets;)

I need to get some summer pictures of the house on the computer. In the winter it is lovely, but in the summer with all of the greenery, it is stunning.

Here's the deer in our yard:)