Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reece's Rainbow

For all of you who are wondering how we could possibly know who we are adopting all ready.....this post is for you. But it is so much more....

Out there in the world wide web lies a web site called Reece's Rainbow. Reece's Rainbow, or RR for short, is an amazing organization based out of the US that advocates for special needs kids all over the world. When we first announced that we were starting our adoption process on one of the many adoption Yahoo groups that I belong to, an adoption friend of mine asked me if we had ever considered adopting a child with special needs, and suggested that I take a look at what RR is doing. Well I suggest that you all take a look at what Reece's Rainbow is doing

Although they are run out of the US, they have dedicated people here in Canada helping Canadians with their adoptions, and working to open a Canadian branch. Canadian ARE able to adopt children listed on RR now, but they will be eligible for extra benefits once they are registered in Canada. I can tell you that this is an organization that I support, and plan to continue supporting for many years to come, in what ever way I can. Please consider doing the same.

With all of that said, I would like to advocate for a little girl who is very dear to my heart. Please take a moment to think about her, send her good thoughts, pray for her, etc. She will no longer be listed on the web site very soon, which is SO VERY SAD for me, and I deeply hope that she finds a forever home.

Maggie #25-1

Girl, DOB: March 28, 2005
Main diagnosis: Mild degree of mental lagging behind, Strabismus

Maggie walks, climbs and runs. She manipulates toys, stacks blocks and puts objects in & out. She follows verbal instructions, is making progress with her speech and follows simple rules that are given to her. Her attention span has increased in recent months. She eats independently but is not yet fully potty trained (she has occasional accidents). She plays with toys appropriately. In a new situation she is tense & anxious but quickly relaxes. She establishes good eye contact & answers questions. She has been diagnosed with an attachment disorder, but no explanation of how this was diagnosed or why is given. Her profile does say that this is “characteristic of children raised in an institution”. She reacts appropriately to situations with her emotions. She is diagnosed with a “mild degree of lagging behind” in her development.
Additional photos & several videos are available

We only have this child's file until July 24, 2010.

If you are considering adopting this child, please do not delay in contacting our team

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