Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Miss Destiny Elizabeth Ann Beamish

March 10, 2001 - August 31, 2009

I know this blog is all about Miss K and bringing her home, but today's post is all about the big sister that she will have, but never get a chance to meet. Today, it is all about Destiny. One year ago today my sweet baby girl took her last laboured breath, at home surrounded by the ones who loved her best, her Daddy, her Mummy, her little sister, and her Anne.

It has been a whirlwind year since she left us. We have kept ourselves very busy, trying to fill the hole of an abundance of extra time that she has left us with. Some days have been VERY hard, but mostly we send her tons of love each day and quietly miss her. We are awed by the life that she lead, and completely feel that she did everything when and how she wanted including..... moving on.

We have chosen to not do any real formal memorial for her today, mostly because we think it would be nicer to remember her on her birthday, rather then to think about her last day in detail. We hope to be organized enough to do something for her in March with friends and family, but that will depend on when we get home with Miss K, and how things are going. Instead, I am writing here, and Mike has asked that everyone light a candle for our Bubba, say a prayer if you are so inclined, and watch the video that we sent out for Christmas. We thank you all of thinking of us today and send Destiny and us your love. I have no idea how today will feel in the end, but I know that together my little family can get through it.

Tons of love, hugs, and light to all

Our family in early Aug. 2009

Destiny & Daddy early 2009

Destiny & Mummy on her Birthday, March 2008

Destiny welcoming home her baby sister, Nov. 2006

Destiny & Anne loving on each other, August 2009

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