Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ending the week early

I know, again twice in one day.... Any way this will be the last post for this week. Tomorrow is a busy day, as we are meeting with our social worker early in the morning to work on our homestudy...we have lots to finish up tonight to take to him tomorrow. And then we have to go and pick up Mike's medical report from his doctors, and then drop off paperwork to the bank, and mail the medical to the social worker.

This weekend is our first weekend of PRIDE training, so we won't be around. We are considering leaving our baby overnight for the first time....... I just don't know about that. If we don't then we drop her off super early Saturday morning, get home just in time to put her to bed (hopefully), and then wake her up before she is usually up to drop her off again, and get home late again. If we leave her then she will get to play all day after we drop her off, go to bed on time, and wake up when she's ready, have some quality time with her Grandma, and then see us at bed time..... And we will save ourselves hours of driving, and be able to work on any homework we have.... It make sense, but my heart hurts at the idea of not putting my baby to bed and not being there when she wakes up. Either way, I'll be off line all weekend, and if we're staying over night then I'll be packing everyone up Friday once we finally get home, and writing instructions for Sat & Sun.

I'm looking forward to next week, which should be more balanced.....but that not really likely to happen, is it?

Have a great weekend everyone:)

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