Monday, August 30, 2010

A Monday Update

We have adoption news to update everyone with!! As of yesterday we are officially finished our PRIDE training and have our certificate, which means that we can finish our homestudy. We wanted to meet with our social worker in order to complete that today or tomorrow, as he is leaving tomorrow for holiday and won't be back until next week. Unfortunately he is STILL waiting for a report that we need. It has almost been 2 months since he requested this report, and he still does not have it.... These people are NOT impressing me, but what else is new with them.

Yesterday I also received an email from the people working for us in Miss K's country to let us know that they have received our first set of paperwork that was sent to them. It now needs to be translated, and then it can be submitted. I don't know how long this takes, but I'm really hoping that it happens quickly. Once it is submitted we should have a better idea of when travel will be possible. And it kind of makes it really official in my mind, once the country has been notified of our intentions.

Today I found a blog written by a family who traveled in Nov/Dec 2009 to adopt their little girl who was at Miss K's orphanage. I found a whole paragraph that the Mom had posted about our little treasure! What an amazing thing to read about your child who you have never even met, from a person who you have never met, about how much they care for them, and how special they think your little one is. I emailed her to let her know that Kameron does have a family working their way to her.

And on the home front, my little girl is growing up! Last night after her "milk cup" before bed, she threw her milk cup in the garbage. Apparently she is a big girl now and doesn't need it anymore. Although we have had a couple of tears about it, she really seems okay with it. I'm very happy with my choice to let her get rid of all of these sorts of things on her own. Interestingly enough, it was EXACTLY 1 year after she rib herself of her soother. I can't believe how big she is getting.

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