Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Okay, so today's post is all about venting.

There are so many children in this world in need of a family of their own. Yes, some of those children do live right here in Canada. For all those who judge our decision to not adopt a Canadian child at this time, please look in to adopt through your local CAS.

For me the idea of adoption is not a hard one to understand or get used to. Anyone who actually knows me, will know that it makes ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE to me if a person is of my blood to be part of my family. Nor does a child need to be grown within me to be mine. Anyone who has trouble with these concepts needs to understand that I have the same trouble with theirs. And I am not judging you.

This adoption is a dream come true for us. Something that we have been working on and talking about for many, many years now. Finding our Miss K, and feeling our direction is more then we could have dreamed of. We know with our hearts and souls that this little girl is meant to be with us, and we can't wait to have her home.

This Friday we have our third appointment with our social worker for our homestudy. And then we spend all of this weekend and next in Markham at PRIDE training. An Ontario mandated training required to be able to adopt (and I think foster too now, but we are grandfathered in and don't need it to foster). By the end of the month we will have paid out thousands of dollars toward this adoption already. This too we hear tons of comments and judgements about. If you want to say we are buying a child, whatever, but don't say it to me. A couple of other adopting families have put a twist on it and say that they are paying a ransom to rescue their child....okay that sits slightly better with me. I say, this is what it cost to pay professionals to do their jobs, to adopt a child who needs a home, and keep things legal. The only issue I have with paying this amount of money is that we don't have it just sitting here waiting for something to spend it on. We are working hard trying to find the money so that we incur as little debt as possible. So far, we haven't done too bad. All though those options are becoming quickly depleted, and we are waiting for some answers from other places.

I have absolutely NO interest in begging our friends and family to help us fund our adoption. I have been approached by a few people who have suggested that we fund raise for our adoption, and I know that this is a popular thing to do in the US. I'm not sure how I feel about that, although my gut reaction would be to say "No". I'm not usually someone who asks for help, even when it's needed (unless your name is Roxanne). Please know that this is NOT an advertisement, but a response to peoples emails, messages, and conversations. At this time if someone was wanting to host a fundraiser for us, we would be grateful and would help, but we will not being doing that for ourselves at this time.

I know that it has been some time since I last posted and I'm hoping to keep updating more regularly soon. My mind has been so full, that I haven't been able to get anything out. I hope that this post make sense, and addresses some peoples questions, concerns, and comments. I honestly don't mean to offend anybody, so please don't be.

Love and light to all:)

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