Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Week In Review

I have been stranded at home all week without a vehicle, and some how the week still ran away on me. I have absolutely NO idea how it became Thursday already. And even more unbelievable is the fact that I did NOT check the computer at all for almost 2 full days this week. I do have wonderful adoption news...our first set of papers are on their way to the Country as we speak. They were shipped out on Tuesday sometime, I wonder how long it takes FedEx to get stuff to EE?

We finished the first half of our PRIDE training last weekend, and will be there again all this weekend for the second half. Thank goodness this will be the last half. I am very grateful that it is being taught by two wonderful women, but they sure are long days. We did NOT spend the night last weekend, and will not be staying this weekend either. The drive on the weekend down to Steels has been pretty good, and we didn't feel the need to stay a night away from our little one. I am working hard, and holding out hope that our homestudy will be completed by the end of next week and sent to our agency by Friday. If we can pull that off, then our agency will have it by Monday, and it will be submitted to the ministry for approval on Monday or Tuesday. That would be the ideal, and absolutely wonderful. Also it would be accomplishing what we set out to do, which was to complete our homestudy as quickly as possible. Once the ministry has it we are at their mercy, waiting for them to issue approval, which on average takes about 4 weeks. Please send thoughts our way (how ever it is that you send yours) that we receive our approval by the end of September. There is still much to happen after the ministry if finished with it, before it can be submitted to the country, and it MUST be submitted to the country before November 1st.

As for my accomplishments this week, I have written out my lesson plans for the the first unit that my darling and I will be working on in September that will last for six weeks. We have also signed up for Music class, Swimming lessons, a Gym class, and a Library program. We have a very full fall schedule, and I'm very much looking forward to it. Our first unit is Families. On Wednesday my little niece will be joining us. I guess this is it....Home Schooling here we come:-)

And I also have to thank my internet friend, and Miss K's guardian angel Stefanie for blogging about us last week. We are so blessed by her in many ways:)

And also before I go, I have to say that it is SO wonderful to check the RR web site regularly and see all of the little ones who I wondered if they would be a match for our family finding forever families of their own. As sure as I am the Miss K is meant to be our daughter, and as wonderful as it feels to know who we are going to bring home, it is horrible when you realize all of the little ones that you won't be bringing home, that may never have a family and a home or their own. I am still holding out hope that Maggie's family is out there somewhere. I will never stop thinking about her, or sending her love and light and hopefully peace. Luckily she is still listed on the RR web site. They have tons of information on her if you are interested in possibly making her your daughter.......

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