Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And, we're at a stand still

Can't believe any of this. Just got word that the people at our agency will not be back in the office until September 29th. Really!? Do you know what this means? It means that our homestudy will NOT be submitted this week, and we will NOT have it back next week. Between the CAS and this we have been held up by more then 4 weeks. That's crazy. Anyone who is completing their homestudy in Ontario, if your sw doesn't hear back from your CAS in regards to your clearance letter within 2 weeks, start calling. Call every hour if you have too. Call supervisors, and directors. Call the your MPP and the ministry if you have too. It was made very clear to me by all who finally called me back, that these letters are NOT a priority for them, and that 2 + months is not unusual to get a response. If you want your letter, you may have to go after it yourself. The longer you wait, the longer they may wait.

Did I mention that our country stops taking new dossiers in November and doesn't start taking them again until sometime in February, and that all of your paperwork expires after 6 months and needs to be redone at your expense? Well, now I have. Also, did I mention that children are transferred sometime between the ages of 4 and 6 years old, and that Kameron will be 6 at the end of November? Yeah, that's true too. We REALLY need our paperwork done very quickly now, so it will arrive in time before the closure, and so that we can be there before they transfer her to somewhere else (and who knows where that somewhere else would be).

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  1. all we can do is pray thats all..god can move mountains..