Sunday, September 19, 2010

The horrible possibility....

I never wanted to post this here. It is so very sad and disturbing. But, after what happened toady at the bake sale I feel the need to share the information that I have. Please do not take this wrong. We are NOT adopting Miss K to "save" her. We are adopting her because we strongly believe and feel that she is OUR daughter, and that she is meant to be home with us.

This is Serbia, but it is the same across Eastern Europe. I want to believe that this could not be our little girls future, but the reality is that she has been placed in a special needs room since she arrived at the orphanage, separated from "typical" children. So who knows what her future without a family would hold. At this time we are blessed that she seems to be in one of the better orphanages, but she can NOT stay there. She is lucky to have been there this long. She turns 6 years old in November, at which point (without a family coming for her, and possibly even with one) she will be moved. To where exactly, we can not know, but this is a real possibility.

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