Monday, September 20, 2010

It's finally finished

That's right, our homestudy is finally finished. I have it sitting right here on my dining room table, in it's envelop and all ready to go. Mike will put it in the mail first thing tomorrow morning, Express Post. Our agency will have it by Wednesday at the latest. Still holding out hope that it will be at the ministry by the end of this week. I had thought that if it got there is week, we would still be ahead of the game, as I was told that they are processed much quicker then I thought that it would be. But a second look at my timeline today tells me that we are in fact a month behind in my timeline. So, lets REALLY hope that it gets to the ministry before the end of the week, and that our approval comes in before next week is over. Also, please let me receive the list of still outstanding documents, ones needed for the dossier but not the homestudy, SOON, and that I'm able to get these all together QUICKLY. Once this is all together it will still be another 2 weeks before it can be sent to the country as it still needs to be notarized, legalized, and authenticated before mailing over seas. I have been told that it MUST BE IN COUNTRY BY OCT 11TH, and that is not looking possible right now. Once it arrives in the country it will still need to be translated, and there are lots of people with there paperwork sitting over there right now waiting for that step to happen. I'm kind of hoping that they do this with a little bit of a priority list, where the children who are needing immediate medical attention are done first, followed by the kids who are in intuitions or are about to be transferred to one (especially if this can stop them from being transferred - like what I'm hoping for our little girl), and then the other children. Of course I know that you can't just keep letting kids jump to the front of the line, there does have to be some level of first come, fist serve, but there are some little ones, like Miss Layla who need to come home NOW. And I would do anything to make sure that the director of Kameron's orphanage knows that we are on our way and to keep her there until we are able to come for her (which will hopefully be VERY soon)!

Pleaes surround us with your love and prayers that we are able to meet all of the time restaints that I was told I was fighting. I have done EVERYTHING in my power to make them happen, it's no longer in my hands.

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