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No matter how many times I scroll through the other angels profiles I always look at this little girl and think of my Destiny. I often thought of what Destiny's life would have looked like if she was born in a different country or a previous era. Having our foster son, and learning of his death brought these thoughts on even more, but not just for Destiny, but for little ones everywhere.

Olga, girl born November 30, 2004

Olga is a beautiful girl with brown hair and deep brown eyes. She is almost 5 yrs old and has severe CP. She is not able to walk or do much of anything on her own. But she needs a FAMILY!

From one of our families who visited with Olga in August of 2009: "Little Olga really touched my heart, and I SO hope that she finds a family!!!! She is such a pretty girl with a very, very sweet spirit. Her CP is pretty severe, and I don't believe she sees well. Also, her hips look either to be dislocated pretty badly, or else they are just in a bad position. I didn't hold her or try to do anything with her on this first visit, but I did talk to her, and stroke her face and whisper sweet nothings in Russian to her. At first she seemed a little wary, but after awhile she softened and I could see what a beautiful little girl there was inside. To the right family who could handle her issues, oh, what a blessing she'd be. I just fell in love with her. I do have more pictures if anyone is interested."

This photo was taken during the visit. Unfortunately no one came forward to adopt Olga from the baby home, and she was transferred to an institution. She was very lucky for everyday over the age of 4 yrs that she was able to stay at the orphanage.

Most children like Olga pass away within the first year after being moved to an institution. Olga was no exception to that rule. She passed away in August 2010, alone in an institution.

Most of you will not read this whole post, perhaps you think that I'm advocating for Olga, and don't want to go there. Or maybe it became to sad and you stopped reading. This is a real little girl, who had very complicated needs, but basic needs as well. She needed a family, love, nutrition. Unfortunately, none of her needs where ever meet. If you have read this far, maybe you are wondering what you can do to help children like Olga. Asking you to consider adopting is a really BIG thing, and you would know if you were up for something like that (if you are please email me and I can help get you on the right path). There are much simpler ways to help though. You can donate to a child or a family fund at the For free you could pray and advocate for children all over the world. Another great thing to consider is giving your financial support to organizations who go and help educate people in other countries about how to help these children. Teach them therapies, bring donated equipment and show them how to size and use it...or just make it available. Part of the RR team are in Ukraine right now, you can read about it here I know that many families in Ontario who have speical needs children end up with a lot of equipment that their children have outgrown and has been replaced, if you are interested in donating any of it please send me an email or comment. I like to get a truck load to ship to a lady in the US who takes the equipment to EE countries for these purposes. With out a wheelchair for children who need it, they will never get to go outside.

Wow, this turned into a rambling post. But I think that it's important, and it is a lot of things that I've been wanting to say. I hope that I have you all thinking, but that I haven't sent anyone into a depression.

Send love out into the world, and it will come back to you. The world could use it.

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