Thursday, September 9, 2010

Still Waiting

I know, I know, it seems my post start out like that a lot. I'm not really doing very good at keeping this updated, at least not the way that I hoped that I would. I don't know how much I actually have to say in this post, but there are a couple of things that I wanted to comment on. First an update on our adoption process. We have completed the required PRIDE course, and are waiting for the York Region CAS to supply our social worker with a letter stating that we have never had any child protection issues. Why it's taking them over 2 months to do something that is a standard requirement for all homestudies in Ontario, I'll never know. I'm calling them tomorrow though. I'm done with them holding up our process. Once we have that we can have our final meeting with our social worker and be done with this step. The next step is sending it to the agency so they can pass it on to the ministry for approval. Once we send it to the agency that means that we are officially adopting and we sign a contract with them. Also, that's when all of the big money starts to be owed out. There is a rush on all of this as we need our info to be in country for the fist week in October so that it can be translated and submitted to the powers that be. Let's all hope that I get somewhere tomorrow with my phone call.

Now for my super say news...... My little Maggie is no longer listed on the RR web site. Her file has been returned to her country, and we were NOT able to find a family for this little angel that my heart is completely breaking for. Not that children are interchangeable, but I would like to start advocating a different child. This little girl has completely stolen my heart, and I hope that she finds a family soon. She has a large grant to help with the expense of her adoption. I would love to talk to Mike about the possibility of adopting her after this adoption is completed, but I'm pretty sure that financially there will only be 1 international adoption for us. But if we were able to build her up to a full grant........

This is Victoria F. She is listed as having no brothers or sisters. Her birth date is May 2005, and she has blue eyes and brown hair. She is described as being active and social. She has down syndrome and possibly a cleft lip. This is taken from her RR profile (which for some reason I could NOT cut and paste), "The girl is alive, radiant blue eyes, winning smile, and open face." "..a child wants to love, embrace..." "...and she is always glad to new people, smiles all around, laughing loudly.." "A lovely little girl, clockwork, energetic, affectionate, and sociable, and in general, little girl, whose place at home, at the table with mom and dad, where you can happily talk down, sitting on a high chair, twist and tuck into cakes with apples..." "Likes to play with doll, feeding her, shakes and washes. Girl with easily imiate adults, able to dress with a little help, eating, washes hands, loves affection."

Single Mom's Welcome!!!

Miss Victoria F. has $5018 in her grant to help her family adopt her.

Yes these things were written in a different language by her caregivers and then translated, so it may not all make perfect sense, but you get the picture of what a great daughter she will make someone.

And now some Happy News....the other day I was showing Mike the blog and how to get to our family page on the RR web site and I saw the most beautiful surprise. Someone has donated $20 to our adoption. I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU, we feel so blessed to have received your gift. It has also opened our eyes to the fact that we are not as alone in this process as I once thought that we may be.

Fundraising!! My wonderful mother has made up a fundraiser for us. She owns a book store which sells new and used books. Her inventory of used hard cover books at this time is as such that the store does not have enough space to house them all. For a minimum $2 donation you get your choice of hard cover book. She has a table set up in the front of her store, completely dedicated to bringing Kameron home. We even made up flyers to inform everyone of our adoption and RR. So far this week it has been met with interest and kindness. Many people have taken flyers to share with others in our community. My Mum is also making up "packages" of books, flyers, and collection tins for others who would like to help. They can take their package to work, church, family events, or any other place they can think of. We are grateful to my Mum for all of her help to bring our daughter home, and to everyone else who has helped.

Prayers. I recently found out that the amount of people who are praying for us, and sending us love and good thoughts to help us through our adoption process is much greater then I ever thought. Last year we were so touched and moved to see all of the people who surrounded us after Destiny had passed. I wasn't really surprised though, Destiny was a VERY special little girl, and once you meet her she held on to a piece of your heart. See, I thought that those people, the sheer volume of people, were there because of her. I never in a million years thought that there were that many people out that loving and supporting us...yeah, I know, so what does that say about me and my own sense of self worth....well that's a whole different thing. The point is, WOW and THANK YOU. How amazing it is to know and feel your support, and truly how wonderful to not feel as alone. Please keep sending them our way, we are blessed by each thought.

So this turned out to be much longer then I expected. I will be posting again soon, as I'd like to post a copy of the Book Fundraiser flyer. Also there is discussion of having a yard sale next weekend. I'm not sure though, as that's not much time to plan and organize, as we would need to receive donations, pick them up, sort them, and still get everything else together as well. We would also still need to secure a location. More news on that to follow. Wish I could come up with more fundraising ideas, where we are not begging people for money, or doing something where they feel obligated to go to and spend money on.....any ideas would be greatly appreciated:)

OH, can't believe that I almost forgot to mention it. A HUGE congrats to the Nalle family!!!!! I cried and cried with overwhelming joy that Aaron is now officially their son :-)

Blessing of light and love to all

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