Monday, November 29, 2010

Could one of these angels be missing from your life?

Take a good look at these BEAUTIFUL children. Each and every one of them are available for adoption. For each one of these children there are many, many more.

Who won't love to bring one of these children in to their lives, their homes, their families?


Born, April 12, 2004


Born, August 2005


Born, May 2006


Born, May 29, 2007


Born, April 14, 2008


Born, November 2009

All of these lovey have a couple things in common.

  1. They all are available for international adoption.
  2. They are all very unlikely to be adopted by families in their own country.
  3. They are all living in orphanages.
  4. They all need families of their own.
  5. And they are all HIV+.

Yep, you read that right. They all are living with HIV. Oh, so you think you know what that means? Please, take a couple of seconds and ask yourself if you REALLY DO know what that means or not. Still think you know? Take a look at this video, it's short - less then 4 minutes of your time. Watch and then think about if you REALLY know what living with HIV means.

For more information about adopting a child with HIV into your family you can contact

Where you are considering adopting a child with HIV or not, please do take the time to learn the facts about HIV, teach your children about the truth of HIV. Like the video says, we are no longer living in the 80's.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Handmade Quilt Giveaway

My friend's wonderful Mema has donated a beautiful quilt to help raise money to offset the expense of international adoptions.

This is quilt is truly ONE of a kind; hand stitched by Mema, who is 80 years young. She only uses a machine to sew the edges so it can be machine washed, the rest is all by hand!
It measures 6’ 11’’ by 5’ 9” and its beautiful!

So how can you get entered to win?

Just make a donation of $5 or more! Click on the Chip-in button above or email me for my address. We will use to draw the winner on January 15, 2011.

Here is a corner so you can see the detail.

The draw date is future away to give everyone enough time to get through the holidays.

Thank you to you all for your continued support!

A portion of all proceeded collected will go to the Older Boys with DS grant at RR in hope of helping to bring Brady & Heath home.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Need new buttons

I am so excited to see that it is time to replace a few of the buttons that I have on my blog for other adopting families. They have happily reached the end of their journey, and are home or on their way home with their new little treasures. I will replace them with other families who are still in the process of adopting.

If you would like your button put on here, please let me know. It will save me having to look for some and then having to "pick" who to sponsor.

Many Blessings to all of our RR families :-)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Presentation can be EVERYTHING

There is good and bad in everyone, it is everywhere. What determines how these things run through your life is COMPLETELY dependent on your outlook on it. If you are positive and look for the good, and give the good, then you will have a good life full of good. If you are negative, and look for the bad, it will find you. The old saying "Misery loves company" is so very true. It is YOUR choice.

I read something today that I want to share with you, and I will after I've had my say first. Please remember that I did not write it, and in a black and white world it is not my belief.

But first, more of my ramblings. The first time that I talked to the doctors about Destiny after she was born they were listing off everything that was "wrong" with her, with quick, ridiculously simplified ways that we would have to deal with them. They finally got to the bottom of their list where extra digits were listed, polydactylies. She was born with an extra baby finger on both hands, that were attached to her fist baby finger by greatly varying degrees. As well as an extra baby toe on her right foot, attached to the other baby toe. In the same breath that they mentioned them they included "..but you'll just get them removed right? No big deal." We agreed while we stood there a little overwhelmed by everything that we had just been told, trying to figure it out, and me SUPER anxious to finally meet and hold my baby. Just seconds later with my baby finally in my arms, I had forgotten most of what they had said, there she was, my perfect angel despite all of her "deformities" and other things that were "wrong" with her. When ever someone would ask us about things that the doctors had told us about, we found ourselves giving the same speech that doctors had said to us. Once we thought about that, it didn't really fit with what we saw in our little girl, what she was or wasn't capable of, or what we wanted for her life. Like unnecessary surgery not being a big deal. Surgery is ALWAYS a big deal! Sometimes it IS needed, and at those times we dismiss the possible negatives and side effects, but if it is NOT needed don't you think that you should put a lot more thought into finding out if it is the right thing to do or not?

My main point is that the medical professions is in a habit of presenting situations to the patients in a fear tactic way in order to get the compliance to do what the individual thinks is the right thing to do. This is not giving you the best health care options, although I completely believe that the individual you are dealing with thinks that it is. Doctors should only be able to give you scientific facts, a clear examples, free from their opinions, so that you can make the right choice for you. The problem with medical facts (and this is so important so please read these statement over a second, third, or more time and remember it) is that if people do not agree to allow their doctors to include their information in the medical research, then other doctors do not know what has worked, not worked, etc for other people. Also if you have something happen that is very different then your info may not be included in the research because it is only one person and it is throwing the research off so much. Destiny had Cobblestone Lissencephaly. I know that she had this because Cobblestone Lissencephaly means that your brain has a cobble stoned appearance to it with areas that are completely smooth. This is something that you have or you don't have. She was not able to have this official diagnosis because to have cobblestone lissencephaly you need to have some sort of eye disease and/or muscular dystrophy. She did not have either of these things, as well as a few other things that went against the norm for for Liss. Also we were told that a child with Liss had NEVER lived past the age of 9 yrs old. Although Destiny did not make it to her 9th birthday there are MANY children all over the world with Liss who are MUCH older then 9. Unless you get included in research, others don't know about what is happening to you.

If you are EVER told that you, your child, or your unborn fetus has some sort of health issue, PLEASE get on the internet and look for other people living with these issues. They are the BEST resource to what it is like to live through this, how to live through this, what to expect, etc. You will learn things that you never knew. Like just how hard it actually is to contact the HIV virus, how children with Down Syndrome can grow up to live independent lives, and just how many people out there are living with Celiac Disease and how to make great food that your WHOLE family can eat and enjoy.

And now that this post has been another long and tiresome rambling about MY thoughts and opinions I will leave you with what I read today. As you read it and laugh, please take a moment to think about how you would feel if you didn't know better, and this news was presented to you in this way. Most of this SO VERY TRUE, that's why we laugh at it, but imagine that you didn't know anything but what this article is saying.

Since termination is such a common option for children with Down syndrome, why aren't typical developing children diagnosed like this?

How to give parents a pre-natal diagnosis:

I'm very sorry, I have the results of the genetic tests and they have confirmed our suspicions that your fetus is what we call ... Normal. Some people prefer the terms "Ordinarily Challenged" or "Normal Syndrome". The syndrome can be easily identified by a complete lack of any interesting genetic characteristics. I know this will come as a shock to you, but you should be aware of what this is likely to mean.

If your fetus manages to survive the rest of the pregnancy and the birth, which is becoming more common these days, he or she will face some daunting challenges. Children who suffer from normalcy are prone to health and psychological problems. It is almost certain that the growing child will suffer a seemingly endless stream of viruses. They will frequently damage themselves, and sometimes others, from their excessive energy.

Their relentless demands will put a strain on your existing family and, of course, your relationship with your partner will suffer, and possibly end in a painful and acrimonious separation. Any children you already have, even if they also suffer from normalcy, will be jealous of the newcomer and all their extra attention. Many siblings are liable to be psychologically scarred by the new arrival.

I need hardly mention the financial consequences, although disastrous, they will be nothing compared to the emotional turmoil your life will suffer.

After a while, you may be lucky and find they can be kind and loving young children. They may find some temporary happiness in things such as music, dancing, food or playing with toys.

But if they survive early childhood, a Normal child is almost certain to grow into a Normal adolescent. Your years of sacrifice will be thrown back in your face as they become disobedient, wild and reckless. Unable to find happiness and contentment, they will treat you with contempt until they manage to leave home. Even then the suffering will continue as they will often return to try and extract money. They will blame you for their own faults and leave you bitter and twisted.

They may well become criminals, over a quarter of Normals will have trouble with the law, many will spend time in jail. Many will have problems with alcohol or drug abuse. Normal marriages are often
unhappy and short and over half end in divorce.

Even if they become successful this is likely to be because of the often observed tendency of Normals towards excessive greed. The chances of them sharing their success with you are remote and they will tend to see you as an embarrassment.

Finally, Normal people are likely to die before their time. 23% will die of cancer, 33% of heart disease. Hundreds every year in this country alone are so distressed by their condition that they take their own life. I'm sorry to say that many will have had a lonely, painful and pointless existence.

I am afraid that Normal Syndrome is a genetic condition that affects every cell of the body, and so is impossible to cure.

Termination is an option.

Shall I book an appointment?

..... from a parent who received a diagnosis rather like this.

Bob Lincoln, author


Fundraiser Winner & Update

Alright this is the long awaited update post. Well, I don't know if it's really awaited or not, but it is long intended so we'll go from there.

Total fees for this adoption will amount to approximately $40 000.

To date, we have paid out about $9 500.

We have $4 267.

Which means that we still have another $26 233 to go.

We will be putting out about $2 000 - 3 000 in the next few weeks as we send our paperwork to be translated (after being notarized, legalized, and authenticated).

Our Miracle of 2 fundraiser, didn't really work out the way that is was intended, and seemed to morph into the $200 Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway instead. Thank you so much to everyone to donated. We greatly appreciate all of your assistance in bringing our little girl home. In total we have raised just over $1 500 to date.

We are working on other projects to help raise the rest of the money needed to bring Miss K home, without having to go any further into debt. Your love, thoughts, and prayers are just as much appreciated as your monetary assistance.

That being said, I am happy to announce the winner of the $200 Best Buy Gift Card.

Congratulations to MG.

That's right, MG. One of my beautiful, loving aunts dropped off an envelope of money that she had collected for us with a list of who had donated and how much. One of these people were MG. So Ann, we will be getting in touch with you to find our who this person is and how we can get their $200 Best Buy Gift Card to them.

Blessing of light and love to all~

Edited post script -
Draw done using, number 30 came up.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's her birthday...

Today was Sunday, November 21, 2010. Today was Miss K's birthday. She is now 6 years old, and technically, she is still an orphan.

Ever since we started out on this journey to bring her home and make her a part of OUR family, I have always imagined that this day would be different then it was. I dreamed that we would be with her, or on our way to her, or at the very least waiting to get word of the day that we would meet her. I certainly never thought that we would still be sitting here, waiting to here from our own government. Seriously, at the end of August I was told that our government was issuing approvals within a week. Once our homestudy was submitted (a little more then a week later) our agency was told 3-4 weeks. That freaked me out a little bit, as we were on a timeline, but I could understand how they could get busier as September rolled around. Well it has now been more then 11 weeks!!!! Can that even be right! I totally stopped counting way to long ago apparently. Gee 11 weeks, could our government agencies be hindering this process anymore!?

I know that I have been pretty much completely absent from my blog. I honestly have no idea how many people, if any, wait for a new post to read, to see how things are going. I know that I have a few blogs that I follow, and I get a little antsy when they don't post, and I am always grateful when they do. So, although I'm a little doubtful, but if you are out there - I AM SORRY! I was honestly convinced that our approval would come in a couple of weeks ago, and took the week to make sure that everything else was completely together so that I could personally RUN the paperwork everywhere that it needed to go, pay what ever I needed to pay, plead, cry, and beg so that we would be able to submitted our paperwork before Miss K's government stops taking new dossiers over the holiday season. Well, considering that this Thursday is the last day for submissions, it is glaringly obvious to me that we are not going to be submitted this year. Which means that we will not be traveling this year:( As our cut off date approached, and past, the gravity of what that means hit me very hard. Top that with a "miss Destiny trigger" and it equaled a couple of VERY down days for me.

I am happy to say that the great sadness has mostly pasted. Not enough for me to think about how it was her birthday today, without us. Not enough for me to really talk about it today, while we are without her. I am trying hard to focus on some positive things of not being submitted yet, like more time to help our treasure to nail down the process of being dry ALL day and only wearing ONE pair of panties per day. The reality though, is that I am dealing with this the same way that I deal with most things that I don't want to devote to much time to thinking about, by planning and carrying out a project. Today's project was our treasures birthday party. Our treasure is 2 years and a few days younger then Miss K, so a birthday party some time around now was a give in, and we have to have our parties on Sundays, this is the day that worked. So I wrote up invitations, I put both girl's names on them, and I fully intended to say something around gift time (because that's when everyone is together and you can get their attention for a moment). I thought that we would all take a moment and think about her, send her a little birthday wish....

Here is how today went. About 4 am this morning, before I went to bed I counted out to see what time it was where my precious gift is. Okay, 11 am. I missed the morning, but she still had a lot of day left. I sat down for a moment and thought about her and wished her a happy and wonderful day, full of smiles and laughter. Then I cried a little, and went to bed. Talked to a few people at the party about how the adoption was (or was not) going, about K, and about how it is her birthday today, and yes we were sad that we were not able to be with her any time soon. Then came time for cake and gifts, and I didn't think I'd be able to say anything without starting to slip into that sadness of the weeks before, so I did not. Then I talked with my treasure about how today was her birthday party, but it was K's birthday, and we wished her a Happy Birthday. Then everyone went to bed, I am stayed up, trying to write this post and waiting for midnight so that I can draw a winner for our $200 Best Buy Gift Card.

My dear sweet, sweet, K*******, I am so very sorry that we are not closer to bringing you home yet. I am sorry that you spent another birthday without the love and hugs of a Mum & Dad. I am sorry that I am allowing this to take such a toll on me, that I am not stronger and more positive. I hope that you never see me like this, and I hope that your little sister to be doesn't notice it too much.

I hope that you had a wonderful day, that if you knew that it was your birthday, that you knew that as a positive thing. I hope that you played, had fun, laughed. I hope that you felt special, and cared about. I hope that you can feel the love that surrounds you from people all over this world. I hope that you feel the desire to be a part of a family, as deeply as we want you to be a part of our family. I pray that you do not feel the sadness or devastation that we are feeling now.

So many people love you so much. You have a HUGE family waiting for you to come home and be a part of their lives. You have a little sister who tells EVERYONE she encounters that we are going to come and get you and bring you home. You have a Daddy who is trying hard to keep his heart guarded as we go through this process to bring you home, but who's whole face lights up every time he see your picture and we talk about you being home. You have a Mummy who desperately want to be able to hold you, show you love, and have the privilege of getting to be a part of your life.

We love you. Be strong, stay happy, and open yourself up to all of the love that you have been receiving (and will continue to receive). We will be there soon, not soon enough, but soon.

Happy 6th Birthday my lovely gift :-)

Love You Always,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog Neglect

I must apologize to everyone for my horrid blog neglect these last couple of weeks. And then when I have posted, I post about something important, but I do it rushed and I don't think it is coming out right. So please take the time to read it anyway, and forgive the horrid writing to read what I am trying to say. Lately I have been feeling so rushed, in everything in my life, but these posts had to be written, they would not wait for me to get a clear head.

I have an update coming soon. I will be letting you know EXACTLY where we are in the process, what and where our expenses have been so far, what expenses are coming up, how our fundraiser is coming along, and what fundraisers we have in the works. Remember, only about 2 weeks left for your chance to win the $200 Best Buy gift card. I was informed that the chip in may not have been working properly, but it seems to be now. Please let me know if you have any trouble with it, so we can get it working quickly. Thank you so much to all of you who have donated already, your support is greatly appreciated! Good luck in the draw :-) Oh, and remember, it we reach our goal there will be a second drawing for an even more exciting prize! So keeping sharing our story and fundraiser with anyone who you think would be interested.

Blessings to all,

You Can Make a Difference, Help a Child TODAY

Children are our future. Please help the next generation of this world's future to grow up safe, and loved. We all know what a difference these two things can make. Help children who don't have this, and show your children how you are making the world better, and how they can make a difference too. These are baby steps to making your child a wonderful and compassionate adult. And baby steps to making the future of this earth bright, peaceful, and happy for all.

PLEASE go to Julia's blog and read these two posts.

There are children all over this world, looking for a family, looking for where they belong, hoping and dreaming to have a chance to feel unconditional love....

YOU can help. I know that all of this is sad. I know the whole in your chest that it can rip open and make you feel like you can't breath. But please STOP saying, "Oh, it's too much" or "I don't want to know". This is these children's lives, it everyone said "Oh, well not my problem" how would anything ever improve? Please think about what type of difference you can make in this world. Even if it is only for one person for one day. Every good memory that you have starts with just one tiny thing going right and bringing a smile to your face.

And for those you are reading this, passing judgement thinking that I am forgetting about all of the children right here in Canada who need families and love and understanding and guidance. I'm not. If you want to help Canadian children before you send your assistance over seas, then do so. Take action NOW. There are many things that you can do to help Canadian children who do not live with forever families.
  1. You can adopt one of Canada's waiting children,
  2. you could become a foster parent,
  3. you could become a respite family,
  4. you can volunteer to be a mentor and a friend to a child who has become a crown ward,
  5. you can donate money to your local CAS,
  6. better yet donate items.

When children who are labeled as crown wards age out of the system at 18 yrs old, they are on their own. They do receive some financial assistance for a couple of years, but not enough for them to live on, and defiantly not enough to put them through post secondary programs. These young adults would greatly appreciate your donations to set up their first homes, or scholarships for schools. The truth is that it is not a perfect system, but children in Canada do have better possibilities for their future then children in 2nd and 3rd world countries.

If you need help finding out how YOU can make a difference, please email me. I have tons of ideas, and I'll help you find the contact info you need so you can help where you feel lead to help.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Food for thought

I received this in my inbox this morning and thought that it was very informative and interesting information, and that it should be shared, for many reasons. I am certainly by no means "an adoption professional". I have been part of the adoption world for 7 years now, and do have some pretty clear ideas about how different things work though. I do have a pretty good understanding of how adoption works here in Ontario, no matter what path you choice - IA, CAS, or private. For those who are curious, we ARE an approved foster home, and we HAVE attempted to adopt a waiting child from CAS care.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, or to post your comments. Here is a section of the article that I received today;

Laurie Monsebraaten
Social Justice Reporter
Toronto Star
Nov. 3, 2010

"Right now only 8 per cent of the more than 8,300 Crown wards in Ontario have
social workers actively looking for families to adopt them, says the
Adoption Council of Ontario, which is calling for an overhaul of the
province's adoption bureaucracy.

Meantime, there are more than 1,000 families waiting to adopt children in
the public system and another 1,500 families waiting for home studies to
determine if they are eligible to adopt.

"The public adoption system in Ontario is broken and needs immediate
attention," said Pat Convery, executive director of the council which
provides support, education and advocacy on the issue."

You can read the whole story here.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Dreaded "M" Word

That right, you know what it is... MONEY. Some folks truely believe that money IS the route of all evil. I think that it is really the strongest form of power today. If you have it, it give you power, and if you don't, you lose some of your power.

There is a statement that I have seen a lot since we started out on this adoption jounrney. "There is no lack of people with the desire to adopt, only the lack of money to do so"
And what a complete true statement this is. We have been so blessed, and are extremly greatful to everyone who has contibuted money to our adoption fund. Bringing a child into our home and family through adoption seems to come at the end of some pretty hefty fees.

Lately there have been a few RR children who were blessed to recieve FULL GRANTS, helping their family's to make the huge step to come forward and commit to bringing them home. Every cent that these waiting children have in their grant funds make such a difference in the lives, even if they neve know it.

It is now offical Angel Tree time at RR. If you have not already please do go and check out the new web site, it`s awesome:)

For your viewing pleasure here is the 2010 Angel Tree video,