Monday, November 1, 2010

The Dreaded "M" Word

That right, you know what it is... MONEY. Some folks truely believe that money IS the route of all evil. I think that it is really the strongest form of power today. If you have it, it give you power, and if you don't, you lose some of your power.

There is a statement that I have seen a lot since we started out on this adoption jounrney. "There is no lack of people with the desire to adopt, only the lack of money to do so"
And what a complete true statement this is. We have been so blessed, and are extremly greatful to everyone who has contibuted money to our adoption fund. Bringing a child into our home and family through adoption seems to come at the end of some pretty hefty fees.

Lately there have been a few RR children who were blessed to recieve FULL GRANTS, helping their family's to make the huge step to come forward and commit to bringing them home. Every cent that these waiting children have in their grant funds make such a difference in the lives, even if they neve know it.

It is now offical Angel Tree time at RR. If you have not already please do go and check out the new web site, it`s awesome:)

For your viewing pleasure here is the 2010 Angel Tree video,

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  1. nice video they made! so excited for the angel tree!