Monday, November 22, 2010

Fundraiser Winner & Update

Alright this is the long awaited update post. Well, I don't know if it's really awaited or not, but it is long intended so we'll go from there.

Total fees for this adoption will amount to approximately $40 000.

To date, we have paid out about $9 500.

We have $4 267.

Which means that we still have another $26 233 to go.

We will be putting out about $2 000 - 3 000 in the next few weeks as we send our paperwork to be translated (after being notarized, legalized, and authenticated).

Our Miracle of 2 fundraiser, didn't really work out the way that is was intended, and seemed to morph into the $200 Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway instead. Thank you so much to everyone to donated. We greatly appreciate all of your assistance in bringing our little girl home. In total we have raised just over $1 500 to date.

We are working on other projects to help raise the rest of the money needed to bring Miss K home, without having to go any further into debt. Your love, thoughts, and prayers are just as much appreciated as your monetary assistance.

That being said, I am happy to announce the winner of the $200 Best Buy Gift Card.

Congratulations to MG.

That's right, MG. One of my beautiful, loving aunts dropped off an envelope of money that she had collected for us with a list of who had donated and how much. One of these people were MG. So Ann, we will be getting in touch with you to find our who this person is and how we can get their $200 Best Buy Gift Card to them.

Blessing of light and love to all~

Edited post script -
Draw done using, number 30 came up.

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  1. congrats to the winner! good luck with all the fundraising!