Monday, November 8, 2010

You Can Make a Difference, Help a Child TODAY

Children are our future. Please help the next generation of this world's future to grow up safe, and loved. We all know what a difference these two things can make. Help children who don't have this, and show your children how you are making the world better, and how they can make a difference too. These are baby steps to making your child a wonderful and compassionate adult. And baby steps to making the future of this earth bright, peaceful, and happy for all.

PLEASE go to Julia's blog and read these two posts.

There are children all over this world, looking for a family, looking for where they belong, hoping and dreaming to have a chance to feel unconditional love....

YOU can help. I know that all of this is sad. I know the whole in your chest that it can rip open and make you feel like you can't breath. But please STOP saying, "Oh, it's too much" or "I don't want to know". This is these children's lives, it everyone said "Oh, well not my problem" how would anything ever improve? Please think about what type of difference you can make in this world. Even if it is only for one person for one day. Every good memory that you have starts with just one tiny thing going right and bringing a smile to your face.

And for those you are reading this, passing judgement thinking that I am forgetting about all of the children right here in Canada who need families and love and understanding and guidance. I'm not. If you want to help Canadian children before you send your assistance over seas, then do so. Take action NOW. There are many things that you can do to help Canadian children who do not live with forever families.
  1. You can adopt one of Canada's waiting children,
  2. you could become a foster parent,
  3. you could become a respite family,
  4. you can volunteer to be a mentor and a friend to a child who has become a crown ward,
  5. you can donate money to your local CAS,
  6. better yet donate items.

When children who are labeled as crown wards age out of the system at 18 yrs old, they are on their own. They do receive some financial assistance for a couple of years, but not enough for them to live on, and defiantly not enough to put them through post secondary programs. These young adults would greatly appreciate your donations to set up their first homes, or scholarships for schools. The truth is that it is not a perfect system, but children in Canada do have better possibilities for their future then children in 2nd and 3rd world countries.

If you need help finding out how YOU can make a difference, please email me. I have tons of ideas, and I'll help you find the contact info you need so you can help where you feel lead to help.

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