Monday, December 13, 2010

An adoption update, finally:)

Our dossier is finally completed, our agency had been paid all of their money, and our paperwork is making it's rounds before being sent to Miss K's country.

This is very exciting! Everything is at a lawyer's office right now getting notarizing, and something else (authenticated or legalized). Then when it's done there it will go to her country's consulate in Toronto to get legalized or authenticated (which ever did not happen at the lawyer's). It usually takes a little less then 2 weeks to have all of this done. Once it is, the agency will pack it up and ship it overseas!

Once it is received by the in country team it will be translated and then submitted in early to mid February!

The end is in sight, the day that we will get to meet our sweet little girl is in sight. We are so excited to be taking this HUGE step forward, and to see and feel the progress that we are making in our adoption journey.

Keep smiling sweet little girl. Your family in coming for you!


  1. Oh my heart is singing for you Sara! What wonderful news, you made my day!

  2. sooo happy for you!!

  3. Oh! I am so happy that you have finally been able to take a BIG step in the right direction! Keep going!!

  4. Merry Christmas! Hope you had a wonderful day!