Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Late Christmas Gift

Well, another Christmas has come and gone. Our second Christmas without our Angel. The previous two years had been seriously messed up for us. Our Christmas 2008 we were all prepared to have this big beautiful Christmas as a family of 5, when Destiny ended up in the hospital with RSV, and our foster son went for a visit with his family and never came back. I was touched by how much effort Sick Kids went through to make Christmas happy for the children and their families who were stuck there, but it still was not Christmas. Destiny came home for New Years, and we celebrated Christmas New Years day. It was strange, and it didn't feel right, and we were missing our little man. Then, when we came home from celebrating, we discovered that our basement had flooded, a full 3 inches or maybe a little more straight across the entire thing. Thankfully it was not finished, but it was certainly full of our stuff, much in cardboard boxes, along with my office area with CPUs on the floor.

Last year we were not really "feeling" it. We were disappointed that we had not been able to move to the new house yet. All of our decorations were in storage (with more then half of the house while we had it listed for sale), and we were still feeling dazed from the loss of our daughter. Then our little one and I spent Christmas Eve with a stomach flu. It was a relief when the 2009 holiday season was over.

This year has been a little different. We are in our new house. Our little one is certainly old enough to fully understand what is going on and is super excited about it. It has been hard, really missing Destiny, knowing that she had never been HERE, and having no where in the house to go to feel that connection with her. Missing our foster son, having never gotten to really say good bye (he passed away in February 2009). Sad that we are not and have not been to EE to bring Miss K home. So many little ones missing from our home, our lives this year. It was also a little stressful as we didn't have money for Christmas this year, as all of our extra money and available credit has been going towards bringing Miss K home. In the end my loving hubby was NOT okay with not giving gifts to our nieces and nephews and so took another side job in order to have a little bit of money so we could get gift for them. We did make it through Christmas this year, our first year in our new house. We hosted both of our families, mine for Christmas dinner, and his for brunch on Monday. The food turned out well, and everyone seemed to have a good time. The children loved going down the hill on the sleds. We lite a candle Christmas morning for Destiny and let it burn through the entire day. I gave each of the children a special "nick nack" that had been Destiny's, from Destiny. Something that they could hold on to and remember her with. We made many happy, wonderful memories this year, and the tears were kept to a minimum.

We quickly learnt on Tuesday that our century old well is not made to entertain in this way, as it was dry. Our water pump finally died too. It made for more memories, and a lesson learned. Everything was better today, after Mike replaced the pump, thank goodness. We were very gentle on the water use, and hope that it will have completely fixed itself by tomorrow. We are very grateful to everyone who gave us cash for Christmas, as it has allowed us to deal with this issue with out stress or worry.

Then, this evening, I checked my email and I saw that I had one waiting to be read (well, actually I had over 180 waiting to be read, but there was one that stood out), and it was from the email address I had been waiting to get an email from, it was from our agency. Very simple it said that our Dossier had been put in the mail today and was on it's was to Miss K's country!!!!! I don't think I could have been more excited and happy:) It truly was the best gift this year. A close second was that someone donated to the quilt draw:) Thank you!!!!!

Hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas for 2010 :-)


  1. So happy your dossier is on it's way. Every little bit of encouragement means so much... Happy New Year, my sweet friend.

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  2. That's wonderful news! I hope she comes home very soon!


  3. I'm so glad about your dossier. That is very, very exciting. I am sad to read about the loss of your daughter and foster son, the flood, etc. I do hope the New Year will be filled with many happy memories for all of you.