Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh my, what a dream

First let me introduce to you the stars of last night's dream

This is Sandra. She was born in 2006. I think that she is beautiful:)

She is available for adoption, and is healthy.

This is Sam, he was born in November 2009. He is such a sweetheart, and he JUST turned 1. He is healthy too:)

This is Blake. He was also born in November 2009, just a week or so older then Sam. He is healthy as well.

Won't Sam & Blake be adorable "twins"?

And this adorable little angel is Cliff. He was born in March 2010. He isn't even a year old yet!! He has stolen my heart, and I think of him often, so I wasn't surprised to find him in one of my dreams. He too is healthy and growing well.

All of these little ones are listed on RR, and they all have money in their grant funds to help their families get them home. If you are interested in adopting them or finding out more info, please go to the RR web site.

Now, on to the dream,

Last night I had a dream. The strange thing about this dream was the way it just kept going. I had a pretty restless sleep last night, lots of tiny waking up, stretching, rolling over, and falling back to sleep. And these little cuties continued in the dream for most of the night. I missed the whole trip to their country to adopt them, as the dream started as my little sister and I were getting off of the plane with them in Toronto where our husbands and children were waiting for us (including my lovely Miss K). Yep, you read that right. In my dream we had adopted all 4 of these little angels and my wonderful little sister came to help me bring them home while Mike was home with our GIRLS waiting for us to join them. Lucky for me it was a dream, and all of the children transitioned beautifully to our family and our home. We moved all of the girls into our bedroom, all of the boys into our 4 yr old daughter's room, and we moved into the office, and Miss K's room became the toy room. That all worked out perfectly as well. So, what a sweet dream. Of course living in Ontario, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that we would be allowed to bring all of these little ones home together, if at all. Sandra was born the same year as our daughter, which is a HUGE no no. The adoption of unrelated children at the same time is a HUGE no no. And adopting more then one child at a time internationally would be VERY difficult it possible.

All of that said there is something that really upsets me, and I'm wondering if I'm the only one or not. I understand the importance of blood relations, even when you have never meet the person you are related to. I really wonder how you can take a child from their orphanage, which has been their home, away from the other children in their groupa, who have been their siblings, and tell them that these strange people are now their parents, their family, and it is supposed to mean something. While at the same time saying that the children in their groupa - the ones they have grown up with, in some cases closer then siblings growing up in the same home with the same parents - are NOT their siblings and therefore can not be adopted together. How can you say that a NON blood relationship with their adoptive parents is important and makes them family, while at the same time saying that the children they do EVERYTHING with, who they are bonded to and love is not important because it is a NON blood relationship. Then to make it worse some of these kids have blood related siblings living elsewhere in their country, and the children do not even know about each other, have never met, and all of a sudden a child can NOT be adopted without their siblings. Of course there is small print to this, and sometimes they are able to legally separate siblings allowing each child a chance at a family of their own.

I don't want anyone to think that I am downplaying the importance of sibling and keeping them together. I do think that this is VERY IMPORTANT. What I am saying is that the relationship between the children in the groupa's should NOT be downplayed just because they are not blood related. We are talking about adoption here. Creating families through love, and not blood. I don't understand how you can be pro adoptive, and give so little thought/credit/belief in the relationship between two unrelated children who are growing up together as siblings because they do not call the same people "Mummy and Daddy", yet. Please tell me if I'm wrong, because I really wish I could understand this.


  1. You're not wrong. I think the same thing. What I wonder is this, since we already have 3 boys, when we bring Paisley home will she just think she is in a different orphanage, one with no girls (poor thing)... I know rules are meant to protect the children but oh how I wish they would bend the only adopt one child at a time rule (Sophia K would be home with me and Paisley). For now, all we can do is keep our hearts focused on our girls and pray like crazy that things will change. I love your heart, Sara. You are a blessing.

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam