Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Please remember

Calling everyone who is willing to PLEASE surround us in positive thoughts, love, prayer, and all of those wonderful things.

In Canada we have 1 single grant program for international adoptions. Orphans Hope. They will draw 4 or 5 names sometime in December or January out of the more then 40 families that have current applications. We are one of those families, waiting and hoping. WE REALLY NEED THIS GRANT, and it would make all of the difference in our fiances for this journey to bring Kameron home.

So I am here, cozy in my cyber space home, ask you, who ever you may be, to please keep us in your thoughts. Although this grant will not answer all of needs, it will cover half or more of what we still need. Please send your positive loving energy towards us, surround us, help us to be one of the blessed families to receive this amazing gift.

Blessing and thanks to all

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