Thursday, January 20, 2011

An awesome mail day :- )

Today, was a good day! Haven't been to pick up the mail since Friday, so I knew that there would be a lot. Not one bills in there, but there was a cheque, and our language program that we ordered, and our updated RCMP clearances, and some year end statements that I need to get out taxes together.

Now we can mail the updated dossier information to our agency so it can get over to Miss K's country in plenty of time to be ready for submission. And we can start working on a language program that looks and sounds like it will work for us, since my other attempts at learning an Eastern European language have been less then stellar. We have been told that our little girl talks non stop, and I am worried about how she will feel without someone who has some idea of what she is saying and the ability to say something to her that she will understand. I'll keep you updated, especially if it works well, because then we will be recommending it.

I received an email from Immigration yesterday letting me know that they need a certified photocopy of the blank back of my birth certificate. So I took everything over to the lawyer who certified everything for us back in September and they did my birth certificate up for me on the spot, without charge. I was able to get that into the mail to today, Express Post. Awesome!

Can't believe how close we are getting!!! We finalized on bedding this weekend, and I have been able to go through all of our clothes and pull out everything we have in Miss K's approx. size. I bought her some panties, socks, and PJs. We will see exactly when we will be bringing her home and then see if we have weather appropriate outdoor clothes, and buy what we need for her then.

It's crazy that I've let it go this long. I guess I'm still in a state of disbelief. When we first started working on an international adoption, we thought that we would be headed EE (a different country though) to get out newborn baby in October/November 2003. Wow, how time changes things, but yet the path is essentially the same. Either way, we know we are right where we are meant to be. Yes, today was a good day, so many steps closer to our little girl. Hold tight my little gift, Momma's coming!

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  1. Aww Sara, I'm happy for you, you are getting so close. All the little things, little details, little PJ's, I love it, every bit!! Just think if you had gone in 2003 we would have never met, and I for one and so glad we did!

    Love finds a way,