Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweet Baby Cliff - An update

Okay, who could possibly forget this face?

This, is Cliff. I posted about him before, here. Well, I have an update for you.

This beautiful little boy has a family working their behinds off to bring him home!!! That's right, he has a family. One who loves him already, who can't wait to hold him, feed him, care of him. He has a Mom and Dad, and brothers, and soon he will have a home where he can snuggle up with them and be joyful and content and safe and loved.

You can follow along on his families journey to bring him home on their blog. They would greatly appreciate your love and support on their adventure to bring their little guy home.

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  1. Yeah!!!! This is great news. I try to keep up on the kids that caught my eye, but I know I wont find out about all of them.