Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog Auction - PLEASE READ

It is now almost 6 am at my house, and I have not been to bed yet. The laptop has slowed down, A LOT, and it is about to tell me that it is over heating. The blog auction is NOT ready, finished, etc. I have only posted about 1/2 of the items so far, and I have not posted the rules etc yet, although we have had bids placed on 2 different items already.

If you feel that you must place a bid NOW, please make sure to increase the current bid by a minimum of $2, make sure that I am able to get in contact with you (leave your info, especially if you are leaving a comment/bid anonymously). To bid simply leave a comment with your bid amount in the comment space of the item that you wish to bid on.

I will be back to finish/clean up in a couple of hours:)