Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breathing easier,

We are all able to breath a little easier now. We have been able to locate our little girl! She has been transferred to a children's orphanage about an hour away from where she was at the baby house. Although this is a huge relief to all of us, and I am now very certain that we could say that there are MANY places that she could have been sent, that are much, much worse, I still feel horrible that she has had to experience the transfer at all.

Today is a new day though. New for both her, and us. We can choice to look at our day in a positive light and make the most out of it, or not. I am choosing to believe that our little K is trying to make the best out of this. She was always so happy, and wanting to be loved. I believe that these things will help her to smile at the new people around her, give her the desire to talk to them, and find her place there.

Where she is, is a new location for our agency, for our in country team, and for RR/RRC. I feel that the only way for me to look at this, is as a way to forge new relationships. Ones that are more important then just for our own adoption. I do believe in my heart that everything happens for a reason. There is someone, something, some experience or any combination of the 3 at this new place that our little princess must encounter before she comes home. And there is all of that waiting there for us as well. Something that would not be a part of our life's experience if we had never ventured to this new place.

Even though a tiny part of my heart (the Mom part, the part that I don't know how to turn off) still aches that my little girl would ever have to experiences ANYTHING that is the slightest bit unpleasant. I larger part is excited to see what awaits us on this journey.

We're coming little one!!!!


  1. Thanks for the post. I was getting really concerned when you weren't posting.
    I'm sorry the fund raiser wasnt quite the one you hoped for, but everything helps in the end.

  2. I too was getting a little concerned...glad you posted with an update. And I am overjoyed you found Miss K. Now the next thing I want to hear is that you are going to get her!! Much love, my friend, as always.

    Love finds a way,