Saturday, March 19, 2011

5 Days Down, and a few Prizes

You know what...I had a bunch of things that I wanted to say tonight, but all of a sudden I've come up blank...

So maybe it's business first.  The winner of the daily draw today is....

#146 Sarah White

Congratulations Sarah :)  Please contact me at so we can figure out your bookmarks.

And early yesterday morning we reached our first dollar amount goal of $500!!!  YEAH!!!!  So that means that it's time for an additional draw.  And the winner of the goal draw is

# 14 Renee Tam

And just so we don't forget why we are here......

I was thinking about her today.  And what it will be like to meet her.  Will she be happy that WE are there for her?  Will she be receptive to us?  Will the girls get along?  Will I scare her half to death at our first meeting because I finally lose it and become hysterical?  Will she be the little girl who we are been told about, or will she have changed that much over the last year, and since her transfer?  And about ten million other thoughts to go with all of them.

This is what one of the families who have meet her had to say about her 15 months ago:

"K is another. She does not have DS, but has some other needs. She is so very happy ALL the time and walks around with a smile on her face...a HUGE smile...all the time. I would say she is the most interested in my attention and loves to come and get hugs. Whenever we come to get A, she is always at the door calling to us as Mama and hard knowing that we will be leaving and we aren't going to take her with us. Will her heart be broken? Will a family come for her? ...... She is such a precious little girl. She is all joy and smiles all the time and gets along well with all the other kids. She just wants to be loved, that's it. She wants the other kids to love her, the caretakers, and us. Love. K will be such a sweet addition to whoever brings her home."

Well, I'm sure that I meant to share something else this evening, or should I say this early morning....  But I really think that my brain is screaming out for sleep, so that is where I will head.

Blessing to each of you :)


  1. Brings tears...Im so glad you are her mama and papa...!!! God Bless all of these Orphans...My heart is heavy...!!!

  2. We are happy for you!! What a special time for you! I will pray for you. We are longing for the day it is our turn to go get our little Brian :) Lord willing, that will be soon!