Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The begining of the end...

Awe Monday....  The day that so many people wish just wouldn't come.  The end of the weekend, the beginning of the new week, and all that it entails.  For us, today, this was the last Monday that we have before we leave.  But it's more then that, this was also the last Monday that we will ever have at this house as a family of 3.  This is the last week that we will ever have as a family of 3.  For the next few weeks we will be a family of 3 1/2, with a little girls firmly apart of our lives, spending time with her, our days and lives revolving around her, before she can become permanently and officially a part of our family.  And we become 4.

When this point in our lives came and we were expecting the birth of a child any day now, we were busy, but it was so different.  There was this tiny little thing, constantly reminding me that they were on their way, and with wicked "morning" sickness all through out the early stages (both times), that reminder seemed to have been there right from day one.  Then, we were going out for our last "date" together before the new baby came.  We were stealing quite moments, and trying to get extra sleep.  It was such a calm busy in comparison. 

This time everything is SO different!  This time I am begging for help to bring our daughter home, instead of being honoured by family and friends at a baby shower.  This time round we are stressing about what it will be like to travel to the other side of the world, we have only traveled Canada and the US, and then still not very much.  We are worried about all of the unknown, and for feeling like I know all there is to know that I can know, there is still SO much that I don't know.  And we are preparing...  There is SO much to do still!!! 

Today we went out.  We went and purchased our travel medical insurance, money belts, and travel electrical adaptors, ops, another almost $400 that for whatever reason we hadn't budgeted for!  We were also able to get K a very nice, lined, spring jacket.  I thought that we would also be able to grab a little extra cash to add to our adoption fund, by returning a couple of items, but alas, no.  We were given store credit....  I hate when stores do that.  It certainly makes you think twice before buying!  Okay, maybe a little off the point there...  OH!!!!  We got the most important item today!  I let our little one pick out a special little snugly to give to her new sister when they meet.  We stopped at a display of small soft teddy bears, which all had saying across their tummies.  She kept handing them to me asking what they said, and I read them to her over and over again.  She picked a purple one that says "I Love My Sister".  How cute is that!!!  I couldn't stop looking down at her and smiling while we went through the check out and she handed it to the lady and said "I buy this to give to K, cause I love her and she's going to be my sister"  She is so excited too:)  I've almost finished packing.  I have my list of things that we still need, and we are going shopping for them tomorrow evening, so I can finish packing Tuesday night or Wednesday. 

Okay, it's getting late, and I'm rereading and editing because thing are making less and less sense...  SO, we will move along to the winners for today, and the goals for tomorrow:)

The daily winner for Monday is.....

#565 Katherine Parker

The winner of the Week end draw is......

#170 Cammy Lockwood

Congratulations ladies:)  Please email me, sara_beamish@hotmail.com

And our goal for tomorrow is to get up to $4 000.  That's only $1 385, so very achievable:)

And we only have $ 13 385 to go, THANKS!!!!!!!

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