Friday, March 25, 2011

The Bestest Day EVER!!!

Um, WOW!!!  Today was seriously one of the best days ever!!!  I had NO idea how much a few things were stressing me out, until they disappeared today.

In reality, we are pretty private people.  We have our family, and a few close friends who we consider family, and that is who we spend our time with and live our lives with.  We aren't, what I would call, very social.  Even though we live in a small town, where everyone knows everyone, I goes months going to the grocery store, pharmacy, department store etc on a regular basis and not running into anyone I know.

When our oldest daughter passed away 19 months ago, we were so touched and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love.  Our hearts soared to see how many people came out to pay their respects, to see how many people's hearts our special angel had touched.  It defiantly helped us through, to know that when she was here, that she had life.  That she was loved as much as she loved.  That she brought happiness, with her happiness.  And not just to us, to everyone she touched.  Which turned out was more people then we even knew.  Destiny's life reached out and touched the world around her.  Her love knew no boundaries.

Now we sit here mere days away from our new daughter, faced with an obstacle, that if we allowed, could take her away from us.  And here we stand, a second time in our lives, completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for our soon to be daughter.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect there to be days like we have had the last few days.  I NEVER thought that we would fundraiser for our adoption.  I NEVER thought that we would be denied for all of the credit options that we applied for and were sure that we would get.  I NEVER thought that we would not receive the Canadian grant.  I NEVER thought that our early fundraisers would flop SO hard.  I NEVER thought that we would be 2 weeks from leaving to meet K, and be short so much money.  I NEVER thought that I would actually beg people to help me do anything, ever (unless you are my little sister, sorry Rox!).  I NEVER thought that I would allow the sadness and despair to hit me.  I DIDN"T realize that we had so many people out there ready to surround us with their love and support.  I DIDN'T realize that when you ask for help, there are people willing to help, without strings and judgment.  I DIDN"T realize that our little girl has made such an impact on so many people, and is loved by so many.  I DIDN'T realize that we were so loved by so many.  I also had NO idea how much I was holding on to, and how much I needed to let go of. 

Renee gave me the day off today.  She told me not to worry about anything.  To turn my computer off, not think about it, or stress out about it, and to go and get the other things done that I need to do before we leave.  She assured me that she would take care of everything.  She spent the day re posting our fundraiser.  Tracking down people who shared it and letting them know how much we appreciate their help.  She has completely and selflessly given herself over to help us get our daughter home.  And she has inspired so many others to help.  I'm not sure that I even know exactly what and who is being offered out as part of our giveaway for today ;p  Well, I come back from my day off feeling much more at peace with everything.  I am excited and terrified of our upcoming trip, but all of it in a good way.  I have been able to find my balance and inner knowledge that we are on the right path, and that what ever needs to happen to unite us with our daughter will happen.  I have abolished all doubt and poison from my heart and mind, and go forward in perfect trust.

Today was also a completely awesome fundraising day for us.  Which did help with some of the above.  We are left speechless, unsure or exactly how to adequately thank everyone who has pulled together for us.  Please know that we greatly appreciate each and everyone of you, and I would like to personally thank each of you as well.  Please do NOT hesitate to leave me a message in the comments or email me and let me know that you're out there.  The thank yous will be slow, but they will come.  I find that when you write to many at once they all start to sound the same, and although it is the first time the recipient is reading it, you lose heart for it.  So I will do them slowly, as to thank each of you in a way that means something to me and you (hopefully).  We received 49 donations today, totalling $2877.30.  Which brings our total raised to $7274.  Which leaves us with a total of $8726 to raise!!  We are almost half way there!!!

Please bear with all of us, as we figure out which incentive you qualify for and we get our name and email address to all of the involved parties.  Please remember that if you donate to our FSP directly, you MUST email or comment me your email address.  I will only be able to get your name and amount from the FSP - NO email or mailing addresses!!!!!! 

Your daily draw winner is....

# 1638 Allen Cox

Melissa Moos, winner of the gift card for the draw in celebration of reaching our $4000 goal, has graciously donated her winnings back to Kameron's fund.
Thank you Melissa!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Still praying and sharing with everyone I can!!

  2. We just found you through No Greater Joy Mom and were so glad to be able to share with you in your fundraising effort. Many blessings to you as you work to bring your new daughter home. "when one part of the body suffers, we all suffer." may our small donation and our loving thoughts somewhat ease your stress at this time.

    The Vitellas

  3. Praying for y'all and believing to see God provide and do amazing things in and through Kameron's life!!

  4. We just want you to know that God will move mountains to get His children home, adoption is His heart! Prayers are with you during your journey.

  5. I wish I could do more, but I'll keep sharing!

  6. We love you Sara girl but God loves you more!! So happy for your sweet family!!

  7. God is so FAITHFUL. Popped over from Adeye's blog to just say hi and let you know we are praying and gave a small love offering for your little one!

    Cannot wait to see the blog post telling us all about hugging her for the first time!!


  8. Hello,

    Made a donation through Adeye's blog. Your daughter is so beautiful. I can't wait to see her home with your family.


  9. I was touched by a post you made on the RR yahoo group and went to your FSP to donate. I also asked people reading my blog to donate to your adoption so you could bring him this precious little angel.