Monday, March 21, 2011

For Saturday Night

I know, I know I didn't post last night.  I'm sorry!

We had a great day though :)

We had our families come up for a sort of "good bye" dinner.  It was great to see everyone, the day was bright and sunny, we found some tiny little snow drops in the garden....  it was a pretty great day.

I also wanted to say thank you to the beautiful and loving Mrs. Renee Tam, who gifted her win back to Kameron's coming home fund.  We love you too Renee, THANKS!!!!!

Oh, and did you notice?  We also reached our $1 000 goal!!!!!  In one day, we doubled what we had in our grant.  How great is that?!!!!

And now, for the winner of the day,

# 190 Cammy Lockwood

And now for the winner for hitting the $1 000 goal, 

#254 Cammy Lockwood

Yes, all draws are courtesy of!  Cammy, please email me. 

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