Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Here!

What a crazy day Sunday was. I didn't sleep at all on Saturday night. Come Sunday morning I still had so much to do!!! At no point in time did any of what was happening feel real. I can tell you that around 2 am, I did start freaking out though, and couldn't stop shaking. Come 3 pm we were all ready to go. My Mum was at our house ready to drive us to the airport, our bags were packed and in the car.... There was nothing else but to go.

We got through all of the check points at Pearson quickly and easily. The hardest, longest part was when we took the portable DVD player from Emily's bag and put it with the rest of the stuff, she thought that we were getting rid of it and started crying. Then she wouldn't walk through the metal detector. Finally the man said "Mame, just pick her up and carry her through" And so we did. She enjoyed seeing the planes through the windows, and chatted happily with anyone who would talk to her. We got something to eat for dinner, which was HORRIBLE, and went to sit and wait to board. There was no room to sit close to our boarding area so we were sitting over and away. When the lady started talking over the load speaker, we got up and walked to the boarding area. Many other people got up as well. This started a little bit of chaos in the woman's life, as she just wanted to review some things with everyone, and was not ready to board anybody yet. She kept yelling at everyone to have a seat, and never did review anything. When she got up again to start boarding people, everyone kind of ran at her, and again she got very flustered with everyone. She wanted only people who needed assistance and people with little ones. This seemed to confuse many people, so we slipped past and were the first one's on the plane. Emily was super excited but didn't realize that we were already on the plane. She hoped right up into her seat and put her seatbelt on. She did all right during the flight. As she got more tired she became more restless, and in true Emily style did NOT want to go to sleep, because she was not in HER bed. She wanted the plane to turn around and take us home. There were many tears, and I felt bad for her. She eventually fell asleep on me and we were able to lay her out between the two of us. They woke the plane up at about 2 am and served breakfast, I got her up at that time too. We had a sweet little monkey in sitting in front of us, who reminded me SO much of Nicole. She kept trying to climb over the seat to talk with us. She and Emily had some fun being silly together. As for the plane and the airline, we would defiantly fly them again! They were friendly enough (other then the crazy woman at the boarding gate), we felt safe (well as safe as you can when you are flying over the ocean), and they were constantly serving us something, juice/wine, dinner, tea/coffee, water, juice, breakfast, tea/coffee. The food wasn't all that bad...not that I really ate anything.

Everyone impressed with their dinner?

Yep, that's our plane!!!

Silly girl crawling on the floor

Yes, this is how she slept

The plane landed yesterday on time. We got off of the plane on the tarmac and took a bus (with out seats) into the airport. We walked in, got in line behind one other person and gave the lady our passports. She asked us where we were staying, and seemed a little annoyed with us that we didn't know. She stamped them and waved us on. We walked through the doors, grabbed a luggage cart and found where ours was coming out. It took us a minute to figure out if we should follow the green or red arrows for customs, but everyone was following the green so we did too. We got in line to put our stuff up on the conveyer belt for the x-ray and the lady waved us through. We went through the doors and Niko was standing there with our name clipped to the front of his jacket waiting for us. We changed money at the airport. I knew that we would do it right away, but was not expecting that, and had to dig into the money belt to find some cash. Niko also bought us minutes for the cell phone while we were at the airport. In the car we received our cell phone and a run down of the next day, and the plans that he knew so far for our adoption. As we drove into the city, he pointed out places of interest and history. He took us to the grocery store that is near our apartment and helped us to buy some items. He showed us where to go should we want to walk to the grocery store again later. We arrived at our apartment and he wrote down our address for us, in English and Russian. He gave us verbal directions to get to TGI Friday's, the Ukrainian Buffet, and the Mandarin grocery plaza. Then, we paid him and he left. We put the groceries away, and took a nap. When we woke up we just went through some of the bags and got settled in better.

The cleaning lady had been finishing up as we arrived and had left a load of laundry going. I thought that I would be helpful and hang the stuff to dry....and the clothes shocked me! I don't know what was going on, but it happened twice, so we unplugged the washing machine!!!!! It's unfortunate as I was hoping to do a load of laundry before we leave as I was hoping to do a load of laundry before we leave for our region, as our jackets all ended up on the floor of the plane, and look like it.

It took Emily a long time to fall asleep again last night, as it wasn't her bed. She wanted Grandma to drive her car over here and get us. I tried hard to stay up so that I could get a blog post done, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. I Skyped my mom and asked her to send out the email letting people know that we went to bed, and would update today. I had a horrible time sleeping as the alarm clock we brought doesn't work, and I was terrified that we would over sleep. SDA in the morning!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh how exciting: you are there! I have goosebumps. God bless you on this journey.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a ride you are on...you will settle in and so will Emily...it just takes some getting used to.. So glad to read your sweet words. Good luck with the SDA! My thoughts and prayers are with you every step of the way!!


  3. I am thinking of you and praying that is well.
    Lots of Hugs and LOVE. Oma