Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Inching closer and closer....

Another day has come to an end, and what a day it has been. We are still struggling to reach the next goal in our fundraiser to bring our little girl home. I will not lie, at some points it starts to feel as if this may be an impossible goal. But today, we were blessed by $668 of donations. The most money we have EVER received in a single day! And that my friends, is exciting :) Thank you to everyone who has made any of this possible. All of you who pray for us, surround us with love and light, everyone who had donated, and all of you who share our story and our need to help us to reach our goal, and our daughter.

In our countdown to getting ready to go and meet with our adorable Miss K, we went shopping again today to get something for Daddy to wear to court, and a few other little things, like K's very own hairbrush :) And now I can finish packing our bags! That is exciting too!!

Before I announce today's winners I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that we are certainly not the only ones trying to raise money to bring our daughter home.

This is my beautiful friend Renee,

Renee and her husband are currently doing EVERYTHING they possibly can to get their little girl home.  In the day when everyone is offering an iPad, Renee has something different going on.  She has a stunning collection of jewlery up on her blog that you can earn some chances to win, by donated to help Paisley get home.  But she has offered up a little bit of FUN to her fundraiser!  She has an awesome band of friends who have surrounded her to help her along with the fun.  Renee, one of her friends Kim, and her husband have all taken pies to the face, to celebrate reaching goals along the way.  Another friend of her's, Michelle, has dyed her hair HOT PINK to celebrate another notch in the fundraiser goal.  And if they can raise $2000 by Saturday, then all 3 of the ladies husbands will be going out for dinner......IN DRAG :)   Now that folks, is love and devotion!!!!!!  PLEASE stop over to Renee's blog and take a look.  Consider helping them to reach their goal, they only have $580 left to raise.  Come and follow along on their journey to their daughter.  Renee has the biggest heart, and I love her to pieces.  I can't wait to see her with her beautiful, beautiful girl in her arms..... PAISLEY

And today’s daily draw winner is,

# 791 Theresa Smith

Congratulations Theresa, please email me at


  1. Now you just stop....You are leaving to get your daughter in just a few days. You don't worry about me. Your needs are much greater. People, donate to Sara, not me. She needs you and I love this girl so please help her out. Much love, Renee

  2. Sara, I am praying for Miracles for you...I wish I could Do more!!!!

  3. Sara, it's 6:00 here and I am checking in AGAIN!! You're total is going uP!! Yeah Kameron!! How are you feeling? I just wanted you to know I love you and whatever you need I am here. My offer still stands. Big hugs!

    Love finds a way,

  4. Hi Sara!
    Somehow I missed the news about your fundraiser, but still wanted to donate. Wish I could give more :-)
    P.S. I'm going to put K's button on my blog right now!

  5. Hey Sara - we donated, and I have your button with a writeup at the top of our blog post today, and shared that on FB. Praying!!! Joshua 1:9 <3