Thursday, March 17, 2011

Leaving in 10 days!!!!!

Wow, another day done, another day closer to our little girl.  We're defiantly feeling it here.  Our 4 yr old is off, super clingy and whinny and then wants NOTHING to do with you, then cries and cries and can't tell you why.  All the while telling all of her babies about how we are finally going to go and bring K home, and how happy everyone will be when she is finally home and can just play with them.  Yesterday she couldn't wait for K to get home so they could eat cereal together, now it playing with all the babies...too cute.  I can't wait to see that either.

My to do list, in order to leave for SO many weeks, seems to keep growing no matter what I get finished and crossed off of it.  And I'm freaking out a little that I'm going to forget something.  Right now I am waiting to finalize our plane tickets so I can find out EXACTLY what our baggage restrictions will be so that I can pack accordingly, hopefully that will be finished tomorrow. 

Hubby is still worried about the $$ factor, but not as much as he was yesterday.  I am so excited to watch our daughter's miracle take place in front of our eyes.  It is amazing to watch his heart and mind change to a believer, and I know that he is just a touched as I am by the number of people who care about K and want to see her get home with her family.

Currently we are $95 short of reaching our first $$ goal of $500.  I am certain the will we meet and exceed that goal tomorrow (today, since it's after midnight here).  Which means that we will have 2 draws tomorrow night, one for the daily draw and one for reaching the $500 goal :-)  How exciting is that?!!!!

And all of this talk about draws and prizes, well I did the draw for today and the winner is....

#101 Luba Bowden

Congratulations Luba!!!  Please get a hold of me so that we can figure out what you would like for your bookmarks.

And in case you missed it....

We leave in only 10 days!!!

Thanks to everyone for all of your support, no matter what way you give it, we certainly appreciate it :)


  1. 10 short days... It sure seems a long time since you started this blog, but now there are only ten short days left. Whopee! :)

  2. I cant find your chip in on here or your fundraiser page. I want to post another tweet but want to make sure people can contribute.

  3. I know:( It should be there, but I'm having a few troubles with chipin today. Was hoping it was just my computer, but apparently not:( Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  4. We are so happy for you all and for Miss K. Praying you meet your financial goals and send big hugs to you!! :) Can't wait to see you all finally united!