Saturday, March 26, 2011


CAN ALL OF YOU FEEL IT?!!!  Seriously?  Can you?  Cause, boy oh boy, we ARE feeling it here, let me tell you! 

We tried to get out of the house early today to start our running around, but had a late start.  We had to go to downtown Toronto today.  That, was not so much fun.  We drove around for way to long trying to find parking, paid too much for parking.  Ah....the story of heading into the city.  By the time we got to the office it was almost 4 pm.  I couldn't believe what I found when I tried to quickly check my email.  Blog comments like crazy, facebook notifications galore, and email from Renee with exclamation marks on it.  I knew that Adeye was going to write a post about us today.  She had asked me for our story, poor woman -I'm sorry Adeye I promise that was me trying to keep it short!  I had NO idea that the post was going to be only about us, and that she was going to offer added incentive by way of a pretty new Kindle.  When I clicked on her blog and saw how she honoured Kameron and my family I didn't know what to do.  I jumped up hitting my knee and elbow, while gasping loudly.  Or was it loudly, did I even have a voice in my shock?

And then I saw the ChipIn....  I think my heart stopped!  There was a little under $2000 added since I had left.  $2000 blessed upon us for our little girl, from all of you.  All of a sudden I couldn't breath, I thought that it was unbelievable.

Then we got home and I logged in to everything.  In less then a hour the ChipIn had JUMPED, there were more emails, facebook was crazy, and not normal crazy, REALLY crazy.  Right away I was IMing with 4 different people, and that continued until I logged off after midnight.  The grand total for today?  We raised $6064 to get Kameron HOME! 

All night I have been sitting here in shock.  Every donation that comes in causes me to jump and gasp.  I am shocked and honoured by each one!!!  We are SO close to being fully funded at this very moment.  A place that I have hoped to be, but at time REALLY wondered if we would get here or not.  I am so happy that many of you have sent me emails, I've tried to reply, however quick and brief they may be, to all of them.  How do you thank someone for giving your child their life, their dreams, their family?  How do we thank you for helping us to get our daughter?  My heart is overflowing, and I can feel the love and support surround us and carry us forward.  My poor husband has never seen anything like this before and had NO idea that such miracles exist.  Well, he certainly knows it now :)

We have been blessed in SO many ways today.  Opening Mike's eyes to the world of community support, and love.  Showing him not only that miracles can happen, but that they can happen to US.  Reminding me that asking for help is okay, that some things are bigger then one person, and some things are bigger then your pride ( pride..).  Showing our girls that this world is full of love and good, and that this love and good is there for them.  Reminding me of the all important lesson of mine in this life, that I can not control everything, and that I must give up my attempt to control everything all of the time. 

I am so sorry that I don't have the words that I wish I did to express how we are feeling, to share with you the gratitude that we feel.  To share just how appreciative we actually are.  It is VERY late, I am VERY tired, but couldn't go to bed without posting.  So...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! 

The daily winner today is

Nicole Arigo

And the winner for reaching our $8000 goal is,

# 44 Stefanie Senkiw

Love and Blessing to each of you.  Go forth in perfect love and prefect trust :)


  1. You are going to make your goal today!! I just know it! Love you. Glorious day!!

    Love finds a way,

  2. Just found you through Adeye's blog. Chipped in. Wishing you traveling mercies!

  3. Sara, now go get your girl!!!!!!! :)

  4. I loveeeee it..i know its going to be funded today this is the reason i believe in praying..

  5. Our donation was small, but it was a privilege! And the blessing to us came later in the day during our family devotions. One of the questions in the lesson asked, "Have you ever helped someone you didn't know?" (!) I was able to share with the children how we had been able to donate some money to help Kameron become part of your family. Then the sweetest part was to hear my 9 yr old pray for you and your husband and for Kameron. It truly blessed my heart! We will be thinking of you as you travel knowing God has prepared your way.

  6. I'm new to your journey & your blog, now I can't wait to see you fully funded and your sweet girl in your arms!!!!

  7. We donated $25, like I said on FB, I know it isn't much. I wanted you to know we are thinking of you. Faith of a Mustard Seed-Love moves mountains-God finds a way....they all apply. As Michelle said..."Now go get your girl!!!!"

  8. I have watching in awe over the last week at the final push to get K home. I chipped in, and now I will watch in awe as you get to put your arms around your sweet little girl!

    Good Luck!

  9. Praise God!!! We will be praying for you and your girl! Can't wait for updates when you finally get her home!!!

    Greg and Karlena Williams

  10. Freakin' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I am SO happy for you! Hopefully you will be seeing her very soon! I can't wait to see her and you with her! Congrats!