Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One day down....

Well the first full day of our fundraiser has come to an end.  And what an exciting day it was!!!!! 

We received our appointment date, we've started to make travel arrangements, and we have raised $265 so far.  More then half way to our first $$ goal!!!!

And since the day is done, there must be a winner in here somewhere......
                            and the winner is..........

                                                              # 10 Renee Tam

Renee you have one the custom bookmarks.  Send me an email or a fb message and we will figure out what you'd like :-)  Congratulations!!!!

Remember if you are sharing our fundraiser on your facebook page, twitter account, or blog (or anywhere else), please let me know so that I can keep track, if you want to be entered into the draws.

Thank you to everyone who has shared our fundraiser today and to all of you who have donated.  When I opened that email today, the one I have been waiting for , and found out that we finally have an appointment, and that we are actually going to, oh...K's country, I couldn't stop shaking.  I was so happy, excited, relived, amazed...and the list goes on.  I called hubby at work to let him know, and he was less then thrilled with my news.  He is so afraid that we will not come up with the money, and that we will not be able to go.  Oh, he of little faith!  I keep telling him that he needs to stop worrying, that everything will work itself out.  And I think that we have had a pretty good start to showing him that people care.  That we are not alone.  And that miracles happen.  Our little girls has been sitting and waiting for her family for too long!  She is 6 years old!  This fundraiser is going to work, because it has to work.  SHE deserves her family.  SHE deserves to come home.  SHE deserves to be loved and feel love from her Mum and Dad (and sister).  This is going to work.  And we thank all of you for helping us to ensure that it does.

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