Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pendants, pendants, everywhere!!!

Most of you know Sarah Latello of Sarah's Treasure Box.  She hosted a fundraiser on her etsy shop for us (as she does for many adopting families) and we were able to raised $285 back in February with her help :)

And she wants to offer her help to us again, so that we can raise more.  She wants to help do what ever we need to do to get our little girl home. 

She just messaged me and said....

"...For 24 hours I will give a FREE pendant to the first 50 people that donate $25 or more."

She also said...

"...I can't stand by and watch, I want to be part of this miracle!"

How wonderful and awesome is Sarah!!!!!?

SO, that means that the next 50 people to donate $25 or more will recieve a FREE pendant from Sarah's store.  If you donate directly to our FSP and not through our ChipIn, please be sure to leave me a comment with your email address so you can claim your necklace.


  1. I just donated $25.00. I hope it helps some. Wish it could be more.

  2. Just donated $25, hope it helps! Can't wait to see pictures of you with your little girl! Please delete my comment, after you have my email address.

  3. I just wrote a check for $50. I am sending it snail mail to Reece's Rainbow. I know God is going to work this all out for you guys. We have seen Him do it before and He certainly hasn't run out of resources!!
    Joy McClain

  4. Hi sweet Sara! I know you are excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I just donated $25.00 to your FSP and $20.00 to your I-pad fundraiser. I am praying for your family as you continue your fundraising efforts and travel to meet your precious little girl :-).

    Jolie Harris

  5. Oh my goodness, I LOVE seeing that ticker climbing up and up and up.....

    Go, God, Go!

  6. I donated $40 to your fsp. Wish I could do more. We are fundraising too. Hang in there!

  7. OH no Sara I didn't read all the directions :( I donated to your chip in. I donated $50 this after noon can I still get the pendant or no. IT really doesn't matter I didn't donate to get it I just thought i would ask. I could use as a gift for when we travel. my email is

  8. I donated as well.