Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SDA Baby :)

I thought that I was doing so well. I laid out all of our clothes the night before, pulled out all of the meds and vitamins and placed them in little cups so we would all be sure to take our things in the morning. Then I got up early this morning and showered before Mike and Em got up. I got dressed, saw the time and woke them up. I was surprised and how willingly Emily got up, even though she seemed to be very tired still. She let me dress her and brush out her hair without complaint. Then it started, she didn't want to eat anything we have here. She wanted Cherrios, which we had offered to buy for her at the grocery store the day before but she had pitched a fit about not wanting them and so we did not. Then Mike found out that I didn't pack him hair gel, and was a little frustrated. Well, I was finally able to convinced Emily to eat some oatmeal, and had the kettle going. I got her some orange juice, and Mike fixed his hair with my hair spray, and I decided that I'd better have something too. I poured myself some water, and took my vitamins....ya, nope! I took Mike's vitamin and blood pressure medication instead!!!! Great, not sure what to do now. I tried to make myself sick, but that didn't work, so I'm just going to have to live with it, and make sure that my blood pressure doesn't get too low.

In the middle of all of this Niko calls us, an hour early to say that he's here, we have 10 minutes. So none of us got to eat anything. Thankfully we were ready, we grabbed our bags and left. I am SO grateful for all of the blogs that I have read that had pre warned me of the "you have 5 minutes" phone calls, that have a habit of coming when you're not really expecting them too. I can't imagine what would have happened if I didn't wake the two of them up when I did. We got a tiny tour of where the restaurants of interest where, and a few other things as we drove over to the SDA for our appointment. We were so early that we had to go and sit at the Pizza restaurant and wait. We got Emily some juice, but she refused to even try it. Which was fine, because I drank it - hoping to keep my blood sugar up and not have any trouble from the unexpected meds. Man, I can't believe I did that!!!!

Then it was time. It was finally and actually time for ME us, to go into the SDA. We meet Serge, and entered the building. We of course went in through the side door, and waited in the hall, just like everyone else who has been there before us!!!! As we stood waiting, I started to feel really excited, but not nervous or jittery the way I have before, I was very calm (maybe that was the meds working for me). I was just so happy to finally be having our turn. I grabbed Mike's hand and squeezed! And said "Yay!! We're inside of the SDA!" He thinks I'm a nut;)

And then, well then, it REALLY was our turn. We got to walk up the stairs, and into an office. Our social worker, Svetlana, was very nice. We had to show her our passports so she could verify that we were us. Then she asked us to tell her about ourselves, and why we wanted to adopt a child with special needs. They told us K's name, her birth date, where she is, that her birth mother had signed over her rights (all things that we already knew). Then we got to see 2 different photos of her. The first was the photo that they have posted on their web site, except on the web site it is cropped. I was able to take a photo of this one, but mine didn't come out very clearly. The second is a photo that I've never seen before. It is adorable, AND it is now mine!!! Serge asked if we could have it before I had a chance to say anything, and it's mine:) She is SO cute!! Of course we already knew that, but still, she is! And just like that our appointment was over. No more questions, no more information, no looking at our photos that I stressed and agonized over, nothing. In total I think we were in the office for 20 mins.

Our SDA picture!!!  We finally have one:)

Serge had to send Niko out to do a few things with paperwork, so he took us back over to the restaurant while we waited. We all had something to drink and Em had some ice cream. Serge told us more about the process that we are about to go though, about the region we are headed to, suggestions and advise about what to do while we are there, as well as working through the language barrier with K etc. Then Niko got back from his running around and brought us back to the apartment. On the way back we got to drive past Independence Square.

Instead of coming upstairs when we got back, we went to the grocery store instead. We picked up a few items, along with a bag of Lay's chips with the picture of a crab on them. Crazy husband of mine is determined that he needs to try these. We also picked up some pasta to make for dinner. It was our intent to go back out after we brought the food back, but Emily needed a break and I started working on these updates, and before we knew it lunch time was over. Mike made me a super yummy grilled cheese sandwich and that was lunch. He and Emily went out for a little walk to pick up some more water. We have now had dinner and are settling down to get Emily ready for bed.

Tomorrow Niko will pick us up by 4 pm. We can pick up K's official referral paperwork sometime between 4 & 5. Ludmilla has already ordered the train tickets for us, and she will be accompanying us by over night train to K's region. It is VERY likely that you will not get an update from us at all tomorrow, as we will be packing and traveling. On Thursday we will have MUCH running around to do, and we should get to meet our little girl:) I'm not sure when we will have internet or how good it will be, but you can be sure that I WILL post just as soon as I can!!!!


  1. I'm making this picture of ya'll my computer wallpaper to remind me anything is possible thru our Lord Jesus. So happy for you, Sara girl. Love you!


  2. So exciting!!! BTW, I love your daughter's face in the SDA picture! Too cute!!

  3. I am so excited to read about your journey :) so excited for you and can't wait for an update...

  4. I am soooooo happy for you!!!! I know just how you felt at SDA... I kept saying to John, "I can't believe we're really XXXXX" LOL Praying things continue to go well!!

  5. So excited for you! Thank you for the details, YOU'RE GOOD! I was picturing Rob and I while reading all your steps! Can't wait for you to meet her and read all about it! ((hugs))

  6. Can you believe it!!! You're there and your SDA appt is done!! Praising God from this part of the world for your journey in "that" part of the world :) All our love,
    The Mitchell clan.....PS. LOVE the new pic :)

  7. yipeeeeee......so glad everything is gowing smoothly. LOVE your angels girls face at the SDA :) CUTE!

    I'll be checking back ten thousand times on Thursday :)

    Make the most of every minute, friend.

  8. I know the feeling of the I can't believe we're actually here sort of thing at the SDA too. I felt that much of the time we were in Ukraine. When you look at so many blogs ahead of you then you have to pinch yourself that it's really you now. I remember looking at our daughter's orphanage in Google Earth for months before we left. What a thrill to actually get there. If you're out and about in Kyiv be sure to stop and see Yozhik! Blessings to you!

  9. I'm just thrilled for all of you! I didn't realize you took your little girl along! So awesome! We debated on it but since we have two boys at home, we decided it would be too much to handle. :( I love the SDA pic. I will be freaking out and excited about actually being there myself when the time comes! :)

  10. Yeah!!! You are so close to meeting her. I'm so excited for you. Happy travels.

  11. I've been following your story for a while now, and am so excited for you. I can't wait for your next update!

  12. Oh how wonderful.
    I love all the support you are getting.
    I am sure the rest of this journey we be happy and exciting.