Friday, March 18, 2011

What a day!

Today was a FULL day, and boy oh boy, do I ever mean FULL.  For starters, I was not supposed to be on the internet today.  My youngest sister was here to help me chisel through this crazy to do list that I have, and I was supposed to be getting lots of things done. 

I'm starting to think that this computer is an extension of my body.  Every time I close it down and think, Oh, thank goodness I done with it - I remember what I've forgotten and realize that a few of those things can't wait, and I'm back on it again.

I was on the phone and the computer all day today.  Trying to finalize our flights, and trying to place our HUGE and SPECIFIC money order.  And this is how it goes...

First you need to know that when you travel to K's country to adopt you carry a VERY large sum of money on you.  You need cash to make all of your payments while in country, and you are living there for a month or longer, so you can get a small idea of just how much cash we need to take.  Okay, so I LOVE my bank.  That may seem like a strange statement, but it is very true.  We have been with them for about 5 years or so now, and I love them.  They have made our lives easier and better.  Our branch, although we don't actually go into it often, is friendly and familiar.  We have a banking officer, who seems to never be working when we have huge things happening like our adoption, but when she's not there, she has someone taking care of her clients.  And not just any someone, the same someone every time.  So it is still someone who we know, and who knows us.  Of course, today, neither of them were in.  I talked to the customer service rep, and she was very helpful and kind.  She wasn't sure that she'd really be able to help us though.  You see, all of this money we need has to be in "like new" condition, without ANY markings, folds, tears, etc.  And the branch can't guarantee the condition of the money, and the country will refuse any less then perfect bills - so it won't do us any good to take those with us.  So the bank manager calls me back, and in the mess of hardened questioning about why I want so much money and how I'm going to pay for it, and where the money to pay for it is coming from she says to me "Um, and how are you going to get this kid back into the country?  How are you going to get it across the boarders?"  Ya, so I thought that I loved my bank, until the bank manager made it sound like she thought that we were doing something shady.  Which of course if we were the first thing we would do is call the bank and tell them every single detail of our plan while asking for a ton of money...  I was able to call the main branch in downtown Toronto and find out exactly what I need to do and when.  Took AWHILE, but we figured it out, and now it waits for another day.

After sending most of the day emailing travel agents and calling airlines, travel agents and expedia, we were able to figure out what we needed to do, and what flights we wanted to take, and book it!!!  I am very happy to announce that we now have our official travel date.  We fly out of Toronto ....

Sunday, March 27th at 6:50 pm

My wonderful sister was able to get many little things finished for me today, which I love because it's so many things that have been crossed off that I no longer have to give thought too. 

And then in the midst of all of these things happening a family was being united in K's country.  A family that over 300 people from all over came together and helped to make their miracle happen.  When they met their son, he ran into their arms and declared that he had been waiting his whole life for them.

And then we all (the Reece's Rainbow community) that one of our families who was a pioneer of their region was denied their son by the judge after a 5 hour hearing.  The judge did not refuse the parents as unfit, she ruled the little boy as unadoptable, as unworthy of a family, because he has Down Syndrome.  I hope that this family appeals this ruling.  And I hope that it bring attention to the problem of how people who are "different" are WRONGLY judged as being unworthy.  And I hope that this judge learns the error of her judgement and becomes educated in what it means to be different, and to perhaps have challenges the the average person does not, and how those things do not equal unworthy.  There are 2 other families waiting to go to court to adopt their children from this region, and these waiting children also have down syndrome.  Please let this issue be resolved BEFORE either of these families need to go to court, so that they their families may be united together, without having to jump through the appeal hoops.

We will also be adding prizes to our iPad Giveaway and Prize Bonanza!!!  So watch for the updated post, with more prizes and more pictures!!

And last but not least the winner of today's draw......

# 115 Renee Tam

Thank you Renee!!!!  I have something special planed for you ;)  And yes, it's almost 2 am and I'm still here trying to get it all done.  Oh, and did you see that we have a new fundraiser today? 

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