Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where to start?

Truth? Honesty? Ya, I think I've promised those things here before. And I deliver, I'm honest with you. I may not share all that is on my heart, but what I do share is the truth. So here's a little more of it for you.

I have been sobbing my hart out since yesterday. That lovely lady Renee, she wrote a blog post sharing her heart, and she could have been reading my mind. It complete crack through every wall I've put up in my attempt to stay positive, in my attempt to have unwavering faith that our needs would be meet someway somehow.... I started crying, and I couldn't stop. Well, that's not entirely true... After about an hour and a half or so I stopped. An odd tear may have leaked out, but the sobbing had stopped. At some point I got a little bit of sleep. Then I woke up, and it started all over again. My poor husband just wanted to know what was wrong so we could fix it, but I couldn't put it all into words. And the truth is, that I wasn't even sure where all of it was coming from.

We had to go out again today. I took the opportunity to sit and stare blankly at the wall at the office while my daughter pawed through all of Grandma's books. It was a nice couple of minutes with no thoughts. When I got home, I thought that I was feeling better. That I was done with the sadness, and ready to climb back into trying my hardest to stay positive and keep the faith. I was absolutely stunned when I got home. Beautiful messages of love and support from all forums, so many people sharing our need and our story on facebook, people writing blog posts for us, and people donating. Well, it was a lot for this fragile hart to take, the tears started again. And it has taken even longer to get them to stop this time, because everywhere I look, there's my little girl's beautiful face looking back at me. I am SO touched and honoured that our story is being heard and told. That we are amassing an army of support behind us to get Kameron home (I can't wait to share her name with all of you!!). I believe in fate, destiny, faith, affirmations, karma, and divine intervention, as well as divine discontent. And I believe that is will all work out.

Thank you to each and every one of you!!! PLEASE email me or comment if you have shared on you blog. I want to print these out for K's memory box. Beautiful memories of how our community has pulled together to show this one little girl just how much she means and to how many people. And, I'd like to have the chance to thank each of you personally and properly when I have a chance to go through them all and do so. we finally reached and surpassed the $4000 goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what's more, we raised $1107 today! Remember just yesterday I said that we had raised $668, and that it was the most we had ever raised in one day? I'd have to say that the army is working ;p Please keep sharing, and please stay a join us on our trip. We do leave on Sunday! Our next step in the fundraising goal is to double that $4000 and make it say $8000. Keep your eye on the thermometer at the top of the blog. Some people donate directly into our FSP, so I keep track of how much money we have raised through the ChipIn, FSP and cash on the thermometer. So yes, anyone who has been wondering. If you donate directly through the FSP, I receive it, I know about it, and it DOES count toward all of the draws :)

And without further ado, the daily draw winner is

# 954 Alicia Fanz

And the winner draw for having reached our $4 000 goal is

# 780 Melissa Moos


  1. I am bathing this fundraiser in prayer. God loves you so much and we are lifting Kameron up to Him. God, let your glory shine all around this family. We love you, Sara.

    Love finds a way,

  2. I put her FSP badge on my blog... I am watching that total!!! UP Total UP!!!!

  3. Praying for your journey! I just visited your FSP and made a donation - God WILL provide, I know it!

  4. Sara,
    I just sent you a message through Etsy, please read it. I want to be part of this miracle!


  5. Hi Sara ~ I donated again through the ChipIn on your blog. It's not a lot, but it WILL help in bringing your Baby Girl HOME!!
    Love ~ Jo Moseley

  6. I am sharing, praying and donating all that I can!

  7. I shared on my blog. I created a blog on World Down Syndrome day which lists every Reece's Rainbow fundraiser currently going on, I'd love it if anyone would be willing to take a look and let me know if I have missed any. I'm praying for you guys!

  8. How much more are you needing to raise? Do you prefer donations thru your chip-in or Reece's Rainbow account?

  9. We still need to raise $9000.

    Donations through the chip in show up for everyone to see the progress there, but it doesn't matter which one you use. The ChipIn is set up to go directly to RR, so it will all end up there eventually.

    I do keep track of ALL donations recieved and list them on the thermometer at the top of the blog