Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 2, 3, & 4, and a summary so far

I know, I know. I promised updates, everyday. But I did say that was internet permitting. And the internet has NOT been all that permitting, let me tell you. I completely take my internet at home for granted. Along with a few other things… like being able to cook for ourselves. Also, having the computer to myself, for the most part. Em’s DVD player has broken, and so I am sharing the computer with her so she can watch a movie before bed. This new bedtime routine has got her going to bed only 2 hours later then normal, instead of the 4 hours that it had been. She is now sleeping through the night.

Our complaints are small, and things here are SO much better then we had ever anticipated them being, which I think helps a lot. The food at the restaurant is very good, and I am eating better then I ever expected to. Many of you would be impressed, and outright shocked ;p The staff here are great, and although they do not speak English, they go out of their way to try to make us happy. We have been told that they will attempt to cook us anything we’d like. We haven’t really gone there yet, but I’m hoping that they are serious about that, and that when our facilitator comes back that we will perhaps be able to explain to them how and what grilled cheese is, and French toast, so that Em can eat something that is more then fruit and nuts and cereal. Grilled cheese is sounding pretty good to me too.

There is a small stray dog that lives here. I had drilled it into Em to not touch any of the animals, knowing that a plane ride to a different country for rabies shots has been all too real for an RR family this past year. But our facilitator feed this small dog some bread when she was feeding the swans. So Em feed the dog some bread, and so on. I kept giving Mike & Em trouble for feeding the dog - who know follows us everywhere and sits outside our door barking at all hours. BUT, I have to sit outside at night to get on line, and our little dog sits with me. He growls and barks at any one, thing, and sound. He freaks me out a little, but I still feel safer with him alerting me to what could be in the woods directly behind me. So at the end of the night, when I am coming in to bed, I now feed the dog a piece of bread. The barking is annoying, but last night I discovered that it is because he is protecting us, so it’s not as bad. Whenever a car drives up the back driveway, by our walkway, he runs to the stairs and take a defensive pose and barks and growls to make sure no one is coming up this way. Now I’m sure he’d let them by it they feed him, but still it’s nice to know he watching out for us. Although I think it is important to say now that we do not need the dog, and that we DO feel safe here.

For our visits on day 2 - 4, they were all pretty much the same. We met with K in the orphanage music room twice per day. She does back and forth between coloring, looking at her photo album, and running around. She greatly enjoys her snack, and we are careful to control how much she puts in her mouth at once. The 9 oz cup full of juice goes very quickly, and I’m sure she would be happy if there were 3 more of them. They have these huge foam blocks in the room that we have been stacking and knocking down. It would be fun to try to build something with them one day, but the girls run at them right now, so that won’t be any time soon. The other day they just got so crazy. Em got whinny, and K was just into everything that she’s not supposed to be. We set up a bunch of the blocks in sets of two, and I just kept skipping around them in a circle, singing a “lalalalalalalala” song. It worked! Quickly I had both of their attention. Neither one really seemed all of that interested in following, but they each picked a couple that they circles, and waited for me to pass by and tickle them on my way. I just may have to get us some of these foam blocks :)

Day 2 - Me and my beautiful girls

Day 2 - Thank goodness for these blocks!

Day 2 - K found this balloon behind the blocks, and Mike was brave enough to blow it up for them.

Day 3 - Doing stickers with Daddy

Day 3 - Silly girls

Day 3 - In the bag any and every chance she gets

 Day 4 - Spinning around the stacked blocks

Day 4 - Being silly after they knocked them down

Day 4 - Just about done for the day....

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