Friday, April 8, 2011

Inside to toady - April 5, 2011

This morning we brought the water color painting books with us. WOW! Did they ever go over well. I picked them up at the dollar store for a buck each and a pack of paint brushes for the same. I wish I had of brought 10 more books like this. Both of the girls loved it. I can’t believe how long they sat there quietly painting away.

I can’t believe how much K loves to color and paint. I am so excited to get her home and start her on the curriculum programs that I have for her. Em wasn’t all that interested in much of it, but all of it seems to be exactly what K likes to do, and hopefully I will get a good response from her with it.

For this afternoon’s visit K was all fancy. Dressed in the super pretty pink outfit she was wearing when we first meet her, and her hair done up to the extreme.

We took play dough with us for this visit. We had been debating if it was a good idea of not, as we were both sure that K would eat it, or at least try to. But Em has been bugging to take it, she LOVES it, and so we did. We were utterly impressed that K did not once even pretend to put it in her mouth. She did hold it and squeeze it once, and she played with the animals that Mike made it into. I could see that she wasn’t much interested in having it smush through her fingers….possible sensory issue. She was disappointed that we didn’t bring the painting back, so we will need to remember that…

Her black eyes and bump on her head are getting better. I can’t wait for them to be fully healed.

Both girls LOVED the paint with water books

K got right into it, and soaked through many pages :)

All fancy after her nap.  Eyes healing well....

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