Sunday, April 10, 2011

List of winners

Okay, I have FINALLY been able to complete all of the draws for our final fundraiser!!!!  If you are a winner of ANYTHING, please email me at, so that I can keep track of your email address and make arrangments to get your prize to you.  Please bear with me a little longer, as I get the list together with email addresses for the free pendents from Sarah's Treasure Box.

A huge congrats to the one and only Mrs. Renee Tam for winning the iPad !!!!!!!

Okay, so here is the recap of winners.

Daily Draw - Set of 4 custom bookmarks

March 16th - Renee Tam
March 17th - Luba Bowden
March 18th - Renee Tam
March 19th - Sarah White
March 20th - Cammy Lockwood
March 21st - Susan Sunderlin
March 22nd - Katherine Parker
March 23rd - Theresa Smith
March 24th - Alicia Fanz
March 25th - Nicole Arigo
March 26th -  Chris Rengent

Goals Reached - $25 gift card

$500 - Renee Tam - Donated money back to fund :)
$1000 - Cammy Lockwood
$2000 - Susan Sunderlin
$4000 - Melissa Moos - Donated money back to fund :)
$8000 - Stefanie Senkiw
$16000 - Eric Hanchett

End of Weeks - $10 gift card

March 21st - Cammy Lockwood
March 26th - Luba Bowden

Most Shared - $30 gift card

Renee Tam

Large Draw Prizes

iPad - Renee Tam

Turbo Jam Video - Melissa Moos

Shaun T's Fit Kids Club Video - Margert Green

Tutu Dress - Steven Schlesinger

Darling Royal Doulton Figurine - Brian Jones

Blankie Boo - Susan Blatt

Mary Kay Tote - Chris LaMar

Mary Kay Clutch - Nicole Butcher

Scentsy Buddy - Theresa Smith

Congratulations to all of the winners!!!!! 

We really want to thank everyone so much for every penny of support that we have received, every prayer that has been thought or spoken for us, every good though and good wish that people have spared for us.  With out each and every one of you, we would not be sitting here in Easter Europe, bonding with and loving on this amazing little girl, who has been missing from our lives for so long.  And who know how much longer she would have stayed sitting here waiting for a family of her own, under estimated and under loved.  You have all been a part of our miracle, of putting our family together.  The words just don't seem enough, and the prizes are just material things to add interest, fun and encouragment.  Please know that for every donation, and each comment, note, email, yahoo post, phone call, in person converstaion, etc we have thanked you, and sent you love and blessings. 

Since here the internet has not been as cooperative as I hoped it would be, and K has been slightly more wild then I though she would be.  Please know that if it takes me another 2 years or longer, I will respond to all of you, and that each of you hold a special place in my heart.



    aaaaannnnnddddddd I love you!!!!


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  3. Sorry Jo!!! Everyone's name went down in order that the donations came in, with a number for each entry (as per the donation schedule). Then I used to pick the numbers. There were well over 4000 enties by the end of the draw.

    Please don't be discouraged, you do have a special thank you gift on it's way when we get home. They were supposed to be sent before we left, but I ran into some trouble finding everything I needed to finish all of them.

    We greatly appriciate your prayers, love and support!!!

    Much hugs, love, blessings, and appriciation :)

  4. Where has Sara Beamish gone?

  5. Are you not updating anymore? Would love to see how things are going!