Friday, April 1, 2011

Meeting K

After arriving by a 16 hour over night train, we crammed our belonging and ourselves into the back of a tiny car and drove another 45 mins to meet with the regional inspector (children's services social worker). We gave them our official referral that we received from the SDA and there were many words exchanged in a language that we do not speak. In the end, one of the ladies joined us on our journey to the orphanage, and one stayed behind (wishing us best of luck - the only thing that was translated) did some of our luggage so that we would all fit into the car.

We drove for an additional 20 mins or so out to the orphanage. At this point it had been over 21 hours since we had left our apartment. Emily was doing so well. We were very proud of her.

We entered into the orphanage and were seated in the director’s office...something that I have been dreaming about for years. It became very cramped, very quickly. With the 3 of us, our facilitator, the regional inspector, the director, the SLP, the doctor, the lady who does all of the paperwork for the orphanage.... We sat around the table and they read all of the information from her file to us. No surprises there, and little bit of background information.

Then we were all ushered up to the music room to wait and meet with our new little girl. Now, I was shaking a little bit, but had to laugh that Emily was so annoyed that it was taking so long.

Finally the director came into the room holding K's hand. I wasn't really sure what to do, other then throw the camera at Mike. Well Emily knew what to do, as soon as she saw her sister she yells at her, "K! Hi!" It was too funny. K looked around the room at all of the people sitting there, and the 3 of us standing awkwardly in the middle. The director said something to her, and she kind of looked at us, half smiled, looked around the room again, looked directly at me, gave me a huge smile and ran into my arms. She hugged me like she would never let go, and it was amazing. I cried, of course. She kept pulling her head back to look at me, smiling at me, and then hugging me again. I cry just thinking of it. Then someone else said something and she let me go :( But then she ran to Mike with a big smile on her face and leaped into his arms :) I don't think he could have been any happier:) She stayed there for a few seconds and came back to me for more hugs. Poor Emily was trying to get her attention, but she was only interested in us....that is until Emily arrived beside me holding a cookie for her.

She devoured the cookie, the whole time looking at me and hugging me. I'm so glad that she didn't care how bad we looked after traveling for so long to get to her. Then the orphanage staff put a stop to the hugging, they said that she just wants hugs all of the time and that we need to be firm with her. SO HARD, when we just want hugs all of the time too.

So Mike took the girls to the other side of the room to play with the giant foam blocks. I watched for awhile, and went over the medical reports and findings with our facilitator and the doctor. They told us that her coordination was off and that she falls down a lot. And that she had just fallen the day before. She is sporting a pair of black eyes and large goose eggs on her head. She did pretty well though. She was running and giggling, and kicking. She did fall over a few times, but was able to get herself back up. But she was also able to catch herself many more times.

They mentioned a few other things, such as speech delay, but we will see what come of all of that once she gets home. She reminds me of Emily a lot. She is not going to sit and listen and pay attention unless it interests her, unless it is the right time for her. The 2 of them together, are going to be something else. I can't waitJ

Our visit ended WAY too soon. She went back to her groupa, and we got in to car to do some serious paper chasing. Hours we sat and waited, but the inspector was greatly impressed by how much we had gotten done when we dropped the huge box off at her office.

We were finally done for the day, and we were able to come back to our room, unpack, breath, and go down to the restaurant for dinner. I was brave and ordered "a sandwich with bacon" and a vegetable salad. Well the bacon turned out to be ham, and a sandwich turned out to be one small piece of bread with A LOT of butter, the "bacon" and a 2 small pieces of tomato artfully displayed on it. The vegetable salad was a line of tomatoes down the one side of the plate, a line of cucumbers down the other, and a line of sour cream down the middle with onions on it. YUM! I'll have that everyday:) The sandwich was good too.

In all it was an exceptional long day. Hopefully the longest that we will have. We are SO happy to have finally had a chance to meet her, hold her, smile and be happy with her, to know where she is and who is caring for her while we can not. We love her, so very much. She is exactly who we thought she was, she is our daughter.

Sorry, we are not posting photos of her until after court.  You'll just have to make due with the ones we already have, and these "teaser" shots.

Momma & K meeting for the first time

K building a castle with Daddy and Emily


  1. Oh Sara, how beautiful. It's like a dream come true. So happy for you. You are so blessed. love you and give k a squeeze from me.


  2. Sara! I'm so thrilled for you!!!

  3. Teasers are better than nothing! Congratulations on meeting your girl! And I think they were just jealous that K's hug for you were for REAL! Can't wait to see real pics :)

  4. OH Sara, I am in tears! What a beautiful first meeting. Can't wait for court and your travels home with her!

  5. Oh, Sara! I cried just reading this. I'm so happy your first meeting went so well for all of you!

  6. Crap, I cried. Heck, I'm still crying. I'm so happy for you and your little girl. It sounds like she knew exactly who she was waiting for her whole life.

  7. So exciting! I was crying just reading about it all.

  8. SO happy for you, this just made me cry:)

  9. awwwww thats wonderful she prob thought my mama the one i have been waiting for forever..and the teaser shots are gonna kill me lololo..

  10. Wow!! Way to make me cry!! I am SO HAPPY for your family!!

  11. Put a stop to the hugs???? Oh dear. Can't wait to read more---I'm just getting caught up. I lost your blog after you got fully funded. This is a great story!!! :)