Friday, April 8, 2011

Our sick girl - April 7, 2011

This morning’s visit went well. We played in the little area outside of her groupa’s main living space, where they get ready to go outside. We found some little ride on toys that the girls had fun on, even though they are both WAY too big for them. K did get a little silly a few times and opened the door to yell something at her group and then slammed the door in a little ones face. Well, that only happened once, she did go for the door a few more times, but we were faster after the first incident.

During our break this afternoon Em & I accompanied Mike on his afternoon trip to the store. We decided to go looking to see if there was anything new or more in the next village down the highway, as he has already found a nice little market down that direction. We didn’t end up finding very much, and stopped as we crossed over into a different region (oblast). There was a gas station there, so we went in, to see what supplies we could get there. I was super excited to score some Nestea Iced Tea, which certainly is NOT what it would be at home, but it’s better then nothing, and it is NOT pop. We also found a Barbie Repunzle movie in an East European language…although we are not sure if it is the right one for our girl or not. We put it on for Em when we got back to our room, and it offered English as a language option!!! YEA!!! We know that we will not be able to play it on our player when we get home, but we are hoping that when we get back to the capital city that we may be able to find an external player for the computer, and a few more children’s DVDs.

K was sounding a little congested last week when we meet her, and it has been slowly progressing over the week. Now her nose has been running constantly, and she has been sneezing off and on. The good news about all of this is that she is excellent about blowing her nose on command, and has become very good at coming to us and asking to have it wiped. The bad news is that this afternoon, it turned into a fever.

We visited this afternoon in the music room again. Don’t get me wrong. I know we are lucky, and I am VERY grateful to have such a large, bright, enclosed, private place to visit with her. But man, does it ever get HOT in there! The girls are always flush and a little damp, if not out right sweating by the time we are finished in there. So when K came in a hugged me, I though she felt warm, but wasn’t sure as my hug was quick as she rushed over to see Daddy. But then Mike thought that she felt warm too.

She ripped through the bag and found the snacks as usually. As she was standing leaning on me drinking her juice I could feel that she was really starting to burn up. We weren’t sure if we should take her back to her room or not. Considering that they had just brought her down, and completely changed her since this morning’s visit, we figured that they must already know, and not be all that concerned, so we continued with our visit.

We painted the girls nails. K has obviously had this done before, as she sat very still and straight and displayed her fingers for me. She colored and ran around. But as she started to run towards things that she is not supposed to, such as the piano, she didn’t seem to have as much enthusiasm as she normally does. When we told her “No”, she would stop, kind of turn, and half smile. I picked her up and we twirl danced back into the middle of the room, away from all of the “no” items. When I put her down she asked to be picked back up. She snuggled her little hot head into my shoulder and neck, and we danced most of the rest of the visit away. For a while I had her lying in my arms across my chest like a baby, and we just stared at each other while I sang what ever song was playing on the radio and we danced. She fought off sleep the entire time. I loved having her calm and happy in my arms. Feeling like I was able to help her feel better and happy. I think she really enjoyed it too. I was so happy to see that she was more then happy to keep such intense eye contact for so long.

I have no idea what they normally do for fevers, but I know that it’s not the same as what I would do. We sure hope that she is feeling better tomorrow!!!!

Playing in the groupa`s mud room

Happy girls, but her eyes look heavy....

Daddy snuggles

He got a smile out of her!!!! :)

Mummy snuggles for a little girl not feeling so great :(


  1. I'm so glad your sweet girl had a mama to hold her while she was sick. That's one of the things that is hardest about waiting, for me anyway...knowing I'm not there when Caroline feels bad. I know with our other kids they really want to be held when they're sick. The eye contact is such a great sign, isn't it?? So glad you updated the blog today! I love following your journey.

  2. Thanks you so much for the updates! I read through them all, laughing and crying.
    I hope her fever ends soon. I'm sure she feels better just having people around who care so much about her.

  3. Wow Sara you could turn this into a book.

    Reading your posts is like being there.

  4. I will Pray for Sweet K. I can only imagine what she must have felt when you were holding her and looking into her eyes. Possibly the first time she's been held and comforted when she was sick. I hope her fever goes down and that Em doesn't get sick. Take care of your self! Love from Minnesota! ~ Jo