Friday, April 8, 2011

Outside, finally!!!! Monday, April 4, 2011

Only Em & I went up to the orphanage for this morning’s visit. Mike went into town with our facilitator. She is returning to the capital city today, and he is getting us some supplies to hopefully last us until she returns. She has left her travel kettle with us, so we will be able to make tea, coffee, and instant oatmeal in our room.

Our visit was a little nuts, and I won‘t send one of us there with both girls again. They colored and ran around like the silly, crazy little girls they are. But it is hard to give the attention to both with such strong jealousy. Also Em doesn’t understand why we can’t just pick up and go to the bathroom whenever, and other things like that. We made it through though, and all is well. I wonder what K really thinks about all of this. Is she really happy to be coming and spending all of her time with us, or does she miss being with her groupa, and whatever it is that they are doing? She is always excited when she comes into the room and sees that we are here, again. But is that because she likes the snacks that we provide, or does she get that we are so much more then that? I guess only time will tell.

Before our facilitator left, we had her ask if we would be able to K outside for some of our visits. As it has been about 5 days now, and she has not been out once since she has meet us. So when they brought her too us for the afternoon visit, I returned with her to the room, with a peace offering of diapers that Mike had picked up in town, and asked if we could take her outside. The caregiver swept her away and got her ready, and returned her dressed for the winter. We must look so foolish to them with how underdressed they must think we are. But we got to take her outside!!!

Oh, how nice to be out in the fresh air. New place to be, new things to do. We sat in the nice gazebo and had snack, and colored for a while. Then we played on the garden swing. We blew bubbles. We got to see how unsteady K is on the uneven lawn; she fell more then a few times. And we wandered around, trying to not interfere with the groupas who were outside. I am assuming that the take the swings down for the winter, as everything is metal, but regardless of where they are, they were not on the equipment. The girls went on the seesaw for a while, and then climbed the stair to what was once a slide, and jumped into my arms. They found it to be much fun, but I eventually had to stop them. So we went back to the gazebo and colored some more. The book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? has replaced the photo album as K’s favourite item in the back pack. It’s great!!! She tries to say the colors and the animals, and we all have fun making the animal sounds.

Looking at her photo album

Hard at work coloring - something they told us she could not do....

Finally OUTSIDE!!!!

Playing on the swing

Running free - good to be outside after being in for so many days

Daddy snuggles :)

Got your glasses ;)

In one of the play houses.  K got a sliver :(

This quickly became one of their favorite activities

Around the orphanage`s main building

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