Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring has sprung in Eastern Europe

The weather here has been perfect - not to hot, not to cold, JUST RIGHT :-)

We have been jacketless most of the time, although this helps us to stick out like a sore thumb, as many locals are still wrapped in scarves, hats, and winter coats.

Our temporary new home is LOVELY. If we were picky, it could be a little large, have some more storage, and a kitchen area. BUT there is a restaurant here that is very reasonably priced and the food is VERY good. They are trying hard to please us too. They just offered to do our laundry for us, which is really nice and we may have to take them up on that, although I'd rather do it myself.

We just have to walk up a path behind our little house on the hill, and the orphanage is right there.

Between visits today we wandered around the grounds, enjoyed the spring, feed the swans, and picked looked at the flowers.

I should also likely comment that our internet isn't so good.  So please wait a little longer.  Updates will come as we get access, and photo will come as I get cooperation.

Our home away from home - The House on the Hill

Part of the front pond at the complex where we stayed

The restuarant and the other side of the grounds

The swan pond and gazebo

Gazebo Island

Feeding the swans

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Pathway with wild flowers.  The other side of the fence is orphanage grounds.

Walking along the driveway up to the restaurant

It's hard to see in many of the photos, but most of the hill sides were just covered in yellow, white and purple flowers.


  1. Man, do I miss it!!!!!!

    can't wait for pictures :)

  2. Thankful all is going well. Can't wait for pictures but, understand the internet connection. Post as you can. So happy you are there with her!