Friday, April 8, 2011

The Therapy Room - April 6, 2011

Each time that we arrive at the orphanage we are supposed to attempt to check in with the director, and if she isn’t here, then we are to check in with the on duty nurse (whose office is directly across the hall from the directors). Often there is no one in either office, and we stand and wait for someone to come along and say “Dobre den. K?”, and then they will take us to where ever we will visit this time, and then they go and let the groups know that we are there, and someone will bring K to us.

Today we actually got to see the director, and she is the one who took us up to the music room. The director also brought K back to us, with all of her outdoor clothing. So, we bundled her up and we headed outside for our visit. We all had fun playing. Their playgroup equipment is in pretty poor shape. I wish we could do something to fix it up for them, but I wonder if that would be worth it or not when they have so many other needs, and this facility is scheduled to close…..

As it got closer to the time to take her back in for lunch, we started to walk around to the front of the building. We saw that her groupa was all outside, so we played a little more, as we can’t take her back until they are all inside. We went over to the gazebo, and the children came up to the garden swing. The caregivers loaded all of the children on to the swing and were swinging them there. K kept yelling something at them, and a few of them would yell back to her. She was very silly and lovey, showing off her Momma to her group. She would crawl into the gazebo, and then leap out into my arms and burry her head into my neck looking for tons of silly kisses and snuggles, and then she would do it again, and again….

When it was time to go in, we walked in with the groupa. One of the caregivers attempted to talk with me. She asked me how we were liking Ukraine, where we were from, and how we were liking K. She said “How you are liking K? Like? Love?” She completely hit something, because I started to cry and couldn’t answer right away. I thumped my hand over my heart a few times, and managed to say “Love, love, love”. She smiled at me, and seemed very relived and happy to hear that.

As I was about to go, the caregiver got my attention again and said “You buy Pampers. Thank you, THANK you. Thank you. Pampers, big problem.” I smiled at her and said your welcome, in their language, and then told her that we will bring more.

During our orphanage break, we walked around the grounds where we are staying. We feed the swans, and visited each of the gazebos at Em’s request. Such a beautiful place this is, and such a perfect time of year to be here. I love watching all of the trees and flowers burst open and grow.

When we arrived this afternoon, there was a new lady in the nurse’s office. She took us up to the hall in front of K’s room, and had us wait. Then she came out with K, and led us all downstairs. So strange, and we had NO idea where we were going. She took us to an area that we had never been to before, and then, we were in the therapy room. It was GREAT! It was so nice to be somewhere different, with different activities to do. In a room that is meant for running, jumping, and a little silliness. It was also good to see that K had obviously been in here before, and she was eager to show off her skills. Climbing the wooden ladder, walking the balance beam, throwing the balls, putting on boxing gloves….oh my. We had tons of fun in the therapy room. I hope that we get to play in there again one day. The change of scenery and variety of activities was GREATLY appreciated.

Snack time outside

Tiny broken swings, BUT she loved them!

In our new surroundings

Trying to direct K away from the 1 thing in the whole room that she wasn`t to play with......

Painting - back by popular demand!

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