Friday, April 1, 2011

The train

So we survived the 16 hour train ride :)

We rode in second class, in the very last cart of a very long train. We had our own little space, which was nice.

We must have been on one of the newer trains, because it wasn't all that bad. When we got on it was HOT, but it cooled off through the night, and the temperature was comfortable for sleeping. They allow smoking in the hall of the train which isn't overly pleasant, but not nearly as bad as you'd think. Actually we have been hotel rooms and restaurants that allow smoking that have been MUCH worse then that train was. The bathroom was absolutely disgusting, but I find bathrooms on any vehicle to be disgusting. The real problem with that was when Emily needed to use it. I would normally have held her, but she won’t go that way because I couldn’t keep us still. So Mike took her. I have NO idea how they made it work, but I don't think I want to know.

Surprisingly enough the movement of the train didn't make me sick, so that was a huge bonus too. Emily did NOT want to sleep on the train, and we spent much of the night encouraging her to be quite as to not disturb everyone else. We could see the stars in the sky as we drove through the night, and I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get to see more of what we were driving past, but I wouldn't really want to take it in the day. Our facilitator stayed in the room next to us, it was nice to have our own space, but know that we were not alone either.

We arrived in the city right on time and our driver was waiting for us to help with our language. We crammed as much as we could into his trunk and the rest into the back seat with the 3 of us. Our facilitator sat in the front with her luggage around her. Perhaps we should have packed less, but I haven't felt like anything we packed has been a waste of space yet.

Our train tickets

Our 2nd class compartment

Em, so excitied to finally be traveling by train

Finally asleep.....

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