Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Smallest Post Ever

One year ago today we emailed RR to let them know that we had found our daughter waiting for us on their web site, and that it was our full intention to go and get her, and bring her home.

Wow, a whole year!!!  Funny how the time goes so fast and so slow at the same time. 

I am SO sorry that I haven't updated here is such a very long time.  I spent hours and hours while we were in region fighting with the internet trying to get updates for everyone to read.  My husband finally helped me put it all into perspective, and I stopped crying, yelling, and shaking the computer, while sitting outside in the dark at all hours of the night.  I had fully intended to get things updated when we returned to the capital city, but the 4 + weeks away from home and a new 6 yr old daughter took more of a toll on my energy and time then I had anticipated.

Since we have been home things have been good, bad, wonderful, and defiantly overwhelming for all of us.  About a week after we got home (which went by WAY too fast) my parents left for their month long European excursion that they had been planning for a very long time.  Great for them, not as good for us.  With them gone, that left Mike to run the company, and me home alone most of the time with the girls. 

I will defiantly write many more updates soon, and add photos, but for the moment I will say....
  • I love our new little girl SO very much
  • I believe that our little girl loves all of us too
  • For the most part K's integration into our family has been pretty seamless.  There was a whole where she belonged, and now she's in it
  • Adding a mobile 6 yr old is more difficult then adding a non mobile 6 yr old
  • Bringing a 6 yr old into your family is MUCH more difficult then a baby
  • This is much more difficult then I ever expected it to be, but I can't always put my finger on exactly what it is that I find difficult
  • I spend much more time then I ever expected second and triple guessing what the right thing is to do, in terms of EVERYTHING.  I have never had so little faith in my parenting abilities.
  • a 2 yr old can be an awesome teacher to their cousins, and will actually HOLD hands when you ask them too
  • We are very much looking forward to our summer
  • I hate that we had to leave so many children behind
  • the internet holds such great resources and support, but it's too bad that you have to be able to get on line to access it.