Tuesday, November 8, 2011

As your dreams unfold before your eyes....

You can't help but to smile, as your heart and life fill with sunshine, as you watch everything that you have ever dreamed of come to life right before your eye, in your own home.  All I ever wanted in life was to be a Mom, and I have been so blessed to have the chance.  After I became a Mom, it wasn't enough to have just one child, I wanted and needed more.  Not just for me, but for them to have each other. 

Last night K and I were going through old photos of the baby house where she lived for 5 + yrs of her life.  The director is the only person who she has ever shown any rememberance or reconginition of from her old life as an orphan.  Last night, she had NO idea who the woman was, she hasn't seen her in person in 12 months 5 weeks.  I'm not sure if I'm sad for her, or happy that her old life hasn't left terrible scars that give her nightmares - really it just is what it is.

Also last night I finally filled her frame that I bought her with photos.  When we were setting up her bedroom before we left for her country I purchased a frame that holds 8 photos to hang in her room.  I had intended to send, through email, a bunch of photos from in country to my sister and have her print them out and fill the frame so that it would be complete when we got home.  Well, that didn't happnen.  And now I'm glad that it didn't because there are much better photos in there now then there could have been if we had kept to our oringinal plan.  I did include a photo of her with her groupa on gotcha day in the frame.  She was not able to name anyone or locate anyone other then her sister and herself.  When I asked her if she used to live there she said "Yes :)".  When I asked her if she liked it there, she said "Yes :)"  When I asked her if she wants to be there or home, she said "No".  I said "No, what?  No home or no groupa?"  She said "NO.  I go with Emily."

Okay, so my Momma heart hurt for about 2 seconds that she didn't say that she wanted to be with me, BUT tears filled my eyes and my heart is overflowing that she knows that she belongs with her sister, and that she wants to be with her.  A HUGE motivator for our timing when we decided that it was time to adopt was so that Emily would grow up with a sibiling, a friend.  These girls are SO happy to have each other, and I am SO happy to have been able to give them the gift of each other.

There is NOTHING like having a sister!!!!


  1. now tell me who cant love a cutie face like that??dont wrry sarah sooon enough shell forget the groupa and shell only remember mama..your the only mama she has ever known..thats the love of family..

  2. She has come so far and will go so much farther! Congrats!

  3. Two beautiful angels destined to be together!