Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Huge Update

I am so sorry that I "adopted and dashed"!  I had fully intended to keep this blog going strong, chronicling our daily triumphs and challenges for us to have some where to come back and see and remember, and somewhere that I could continuously offer thanks to everyone who followed our journey and those who helped to make it all happen - THANK YOU :).

Life with K home has been more different then we could ever have imagined.  The challenges have been greater, and the learning has been slower - for all of us.  But we have all grown so much over these last 2 years.  It is a part of the reason that things have been so busy here, stealing me away from bloging and facebook time.  About 6 months after K came home our family experienced another huge change, which is another part of the busyness that keeps me up until all hours of the night, and steals the brain power needed to write beautiful and eloquent blog posts.

That said, we have some pretty big and exciting news,

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